10 Swoon-Worthy Couple Posing Ideas for Your Pre-Wedding

By: Melissa Lim | January 06, 2020 | in Planning Tips

The long-anticipated day has finally arrived – no, it’s not the wedding, silly! But it is an equally important and exciting day. It is your pre-wedding shoot day! Many creative photographers have come up with countless pre-wedding concepts. So many that it would probably take you forever to decide on one! (We totally feel you!)

It’s high time to graduate from those goofy selfies to something more refined and sophisticated. Yes, you can’t deny that excitement bubbling inside you. Those times you said no to sweets for the sake of dieting, the number of sheet masks you went through – all for this session.

But wait! (cues the ugly screech of doom) “How on earth am I going to pose?” your inner voice whispers at you. Dun, dun, dun! While you’re mostly in sync with your partner, posing in front of the camera is totally a different experience and it’s okay to freak out.

Well, honey, you have come to the right place! We give you 10 Swoon-Worthy Couple Poses Ideas for Pre-Wedding Shoot!

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1. The Lift

Every girl wants to be swept off her feet by Prince Charming. So, are we seriously going to miss this opportunity? Of course not! Have your partner sweep you off your feet, lifting you as the shutter goes off. There is a reason why the term is called carrying bridal style!

(Pst! Guys, this is a great opportunity for you to flex those arms!)


AndrewKoe Studio

Winter December Bridal

2. The Twirl

Sounds romantic, right? It is simple yet elegant. A slow twirl for romance and a spin for laughter. Either way this method brings out the brightest smiles.

Kennfoo Weddings

Cindy Wang Design

Milan Teh Studio

3. The Kiss

Ah, this is one of the old but gold poses for pre-wedding photoshoots! You see, the pre-wedding shoot isn’t just about capturing beautiful photos. Essentially, pre-wedding photoshoot captures your love – making them forever! And the simplest way of showing your love? With a kiss, of course!

Signature Masterpiece Studio

Jeskie Photography

Life Photography

4. The Walk

Moving on, the walk is the easiest pose for couples. Just take a walk, hand in hand and enjoy each other’s company. The outcome of the photos might surprise you!

DeL'amour Bridal

Steven Yam Photography

WLoon Photography

5. The Hug

Next, another classic pose for couples to try during their pre-wedding photoshoot is the Hug. Him hugging you from the back is a cute couple pose and if you’re too shy to look at the camera – look at him!

WLoon Photography

Winter December Bridal

Joie*Z Bridal Gallery

6. The Gaze

The eyes are the windows to the soul and gazing into the soul of your partner is very intimate. Lock your gaze with him and feel his love and warmth. A smile would tug on your lips without a doubt. An iconic version of the Gaze is taken under a veil. Just the two of you and your eyes would only focus on the man before you!

YODO Creative Group

Snap by Three

LeParfait Wedding Gallery

7. The Silhouette

There is a certain charm in sunsets. Irresistibly romantic, I would say. Having a pre-wedding shoot in the golden light – double the romance! The silhouette is to pose (literally any pose) in front of the sunset, and you could achieve this beautiful halo effect.

Chocoluv Studio


Amelia Soo Photography

8. The Quirky

As more concepts are designed, this particular one is among the rising stars – being quirky. Gone where the days when pre-wedding photos are all about classic elegance in a foreign country. Now, it’s all about casual fun! Make silly faces because why not? Laugh out loud! Quirky photos are sure to make you laugh 10 years later when you’re flipping through the album.

Joie*Z Bridal Gallery

Winter December Bridal

Nevesta Wedding Gallery

9. The Trendy

This is for all those free-spirited couples with a thirst for adventure! Why not embody your personality into your pre-wedding photos? Recently, these magazine style pre-wedding photoshoots are a hit among young couples.

Winter December Bridal

Promise by Whalle Studio

Nevesta Wedding Gallery

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10. The Touch

Want to show your love elegantly? Try this pose. Just lean forward until your nose brushes or a part of you is in contact with your partner. That’s it! This subtle touch oozes soft romance and a hint of innocence. All you need is a touch.

Joie*Z Bridal Gallery

Winter December Bridal

Pixel Tree Studio


That’s all folks! While posing in front of the camera could be daunting, what is most important during a pre-wedding photoshoot is to genuinely have fun! Don’t be afraid of the camera – be yourself and the rest will follow nicely. The best couple poses are ones that feel natural to you and let your emotions do the talking!

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