11 Pre-wedding Photography Styles You Can’t Afford to Ignore

By: Lavinia Ho | December 24, 2019 | in Planning Tips, Trending

Pre-wedding photography is more than just photographs, it is the most romantic time for couples to reminisce their initial chemistry and relive the sparks. Your pre-wedding photos tell your love story and create an everlasting memory to your beautiful marriage. Well, many creative photographers and couples have come up with different photography styles; so much that you may probably end up drowning in the pool of inspirations. 

Fret not; Winter December is one of the best when it comes to creating the best version of you for your pre-wedding photoshoot! This bridal house is always seeking for fresh concepts, ideas, dresses, themes - literally anything about weddings. They are among the first surfers riding the trend waves! Psst, their secret recipe lies in matching your clothes with your personality. Talk to them and watch how they piece the amazing ideas together! 


Trendy Chinese Fashion

If you think traditional Chinese pre-wedding photographs are all about posing before a spectacular temple or an imperial garden, then you’re about to be impressed! Winter December breaks the traditional Chinese wedding photography but maintaining its culture. Yes, by mixing and matching Chinese custom clothings with modern-day clothings! 

Ladies, ever wanted to dress up in the classic snow-white wedding dress with a phoenix crown tiara? Gentlemen, break all the fashion rules by donning a striking Peking Opera headdress and a pair of trendy sneakers! You’ll look chic, trendy and amazingly fabulous!

Verdant Countryside

The meadow stretches like a soft verdant quilt. As the fresh breeze touches your skin, you’re reminded how blessed you are - because you’re in love. Who would have thought an overgrown field can be the perfect pre-wedding photoshoot setting and backdrop. 

Blow bubbles, carry a bouquet or fly a kite, you’ll soon find yourself creating the happiest of memories. Ladies, remember to give your face (and hair) the care it deserves to let your beauty shine during your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

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Summer Fever

When it comes to pre-wedding photoshoot themes, there are only two types - the ones that you kinda like, and the ones that make your heart sing. This theme is definitely the latter. By the beach to poolside, summer always symbolises free and glee! Sweet kiss of the sun and summer breeze, so much fun and soda freeze! Summer dress, beach wears, straw hats, sunglasses and bikinis (wolf whistle) - basically anything related to summer is just perfect. Make sure you apply your sunscreen, we’d recommend SPF 50++ to avoid sunburn. 

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Vintage Heritage

Vintage is making a COMEBACK! You know it’s old but gold. Many couples opt for this pre-wedding photography style because it creates a timeless elegance. Get a Queen Victoria's hairstyle with a pair of side fancy curls and secure an elegant updo; An old fashioned suit with an old camera for the man to bring back the bygone age. To pull this off, you’ll need to blend with the background, so location is key. Heritage districts are a great idea for this! 

Destination + Getaway

Are you ready for a wedding escapade? Europe, Bali, Santorini or Japan? Out of your budget? What if this bridal house has a personalized team of photographers to help you hunt for places you least expect for a pre-wedding shoot. From venue to bridal clothes, props to poses, they’ll curate the scene to tell a deeper love story. Can’t think of a better way to capture an adventure without having to spend tens of thousands on travel.

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Hippie Bohemian

Boho chic style? Isn’t it cute? This style is just right for those who are artistic, carefree and wild-spirited! Whether you are waving smoke bombs in the air or jumping up of excitement, such photoshoots really make your wedding album eye-catching and vibrant! We really love pre-wedding shots that show your personality as a couple.

Hint: Choose an earthy, warm colored outfit with some jewel-toned accessories. Make sure you add in some patterned rugs and tapestries to exude the vibe! 

Bright and Breezy

Look no further if you love light and warm colors! Sweet and cherubic! These photos are created during the so-called Golden Hour to create images with a hint of sophistication and romance. Honestly, some of these shots are so uniquely simple that we thought they were taken in Japan. 

We all know standing in front of the camera can be daunting, that’s why more and more couples today prefer to shoot without a posed appearance. This casual pre-wedding photoshoot makes a perfect blend with the bright and light filter - creating a vibe that’s warm and relaxed. Check out some pre-wedding photoshoots taken in Penang for inspiration!

Magazine Superstar

Whoop-dee-do! Fashion alert: Vogue-worthy pre-wedding photos ahead. 

One thing’s for sure - this is how we all want to look, fantabulous! Well, at least once in a lifetime. Transform your conventional wedding photos into a magazine cover. We’re certain this will get your friends and fans to stop in their tracks and simply admire in awe. Often, red sweaters, sunglasses, caps - anything-trendy accessories can be spotted in this style of photoshoot.

Who says wedding photos have to look the same? If you aren’t excited for your pre-wedding photos so far, this will make it.

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Into The Woods

The forest is a natural orchestra. Serenading one symphony after the other - birds chirping sweetly atop the tree and leaves whispering their songs to the wind. If you’re a fan of nature, this style of photography would be perfect for you.

Surrounded by lush greens and the sweet scent of freshness, you’ll come to enjoy this pre-wedding photoshoot very much. Snuggle up close with your sweetheart or walk down the steps. This into-the-woods tapestry is going to make your friends envy!


Oppa and noona, who doesn’t love this Korean drama? K-dramas are always in-trend for depicting love, romance and the most perfect couple. Relive the moment - wrap your arms together like lovebirds while leaning in for a kiss. This is the classiest and fuss-free way to get your pre-wedding photoshoot done as most of the shots are carried indoor, sweat-free! The soft and bright light in the studio will give both of you a blissful glow. 


If you’re thinking of something more playful, here’s a style that reflects your spontaneous or casual side. Let’s go to the streets! The on-the-street photography style is totally candid infused with a touch of direction and styling. When the sun sets, the rays will silhouette the buildings and street landscape into vivid magentas, yellows and burnt orange colours, creating amazing colours to your photo album! 

We hope our list of pre-wedding photoshoot styles has inspired you and you’d come up with some ideas for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Engage Winter December Bridal now, they will  turn your pre-wedding photoshoot into fun session and you get to bring out your spunky and vivacious side. Have fun!

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