24 Inspiring Ideas You Must Include In Your Garden Wedding

May 10, 2019 | in Planning Tips, Decor


1. Whimsical Plates & Glasses


These colorful plates and glassware definitely add sweet citrus to your outdoor wedding luncheon. Sit cross-legged, stretched-out or any way you want, it's playtime!

2. Minimalistic Save-The-Date


Captivate your guests with this plain and unsophisticated wedding invitation. They're in for a serendipitous surprise, and yes - they'll come!

3. Sparkling Firecrackers


Can you imagine walking down the aisle with beautiful sparklers lighting up the night sky. But, make sure you have one for everyone (to avoid your guests from fighting over sparkles).

4. Vintage Candles


There's something about white candles and dining that make the whole experience of getting married so much more intimate.

5. Wooden Hat Stand


This creative hat stand lets your pick or keep your hat. It also lets you post Instagrammable hat pics.

6. Organic Insect Repellent


While we all love nature, we can't help but not like mosquitoes. Prepare a few spray-bottles of eucalyptus oil (and an electric mosquito racket, just in case).

7. Exalted Escort Card


You know what's the best way to get your guests to sit down? Make them feel like nobles with a gorgeous seating plan like this.

8. Bohemian-Styled Pampas Grass


Add this to your foliage of decor if you have any of these personalities - adventurous, wild, versatile, unique and luxe.

9. Giant Qualatex Balloons


These floating giant balls are perfect to liven up the atmosphere of your nuptial. If you're worried that you have to blow them all by yourself, just so you know, you don't have to - there's this thing called a helium balloon tank.

10. Colorful Confetti Toss


It feels like you've hit the jackpot but better - this is real. Celebrate the moment with this exit toss of vivid confetti.

11. Revamped Table Number


Why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary? We love the elegance of this table number. Simply get an acrylic board and personalize a font on it.

12. Memorable Mini Succulents


Known for its versatile nature, succulents are hardened and thick plants that are great for forgetful gardeners. Include this as your door gift and join the 'plant a tree' global movement.

13. Moscato & Macaroons


If you're inviting your boss or someone important to your wedding, make an effort to leave a good impression. Put in a bottle of wine (or sparkling juice) and a box of pastel-colored macaroons as premium wedding favor.

14. White Chiffon Drapes


There's something about these white chiffon drapes and voile curtains that make evening garden weddings so elegant.

15. Towering Jenga Game


Seriously, what's not to like about pushing, pulling and poking at this giant wooden block game? Just make sure you're not the reason the tower falls.

16. Customized Cookies


Remind your guests that love is in the air, and in the cookies that they have casually eaten. Loving the pastels!

17. Ice Cream Bike


Indulge in the joy of savoring good quality sorbet, gelato, sundae - any flavorful ice cream works on a sunny summer day.

18. Champagne Tower


While not exactly a new idea, a champagne tower is certainly more than just a props It's fun, engaging and picturesque.

19. Delightful Donut Bar


Step up your donut game with this mouth-watering everything-donut station. You might want to caution your guests to leave room for the main course too.

20. Bespoke Cocktail Bar


Take this opportunity to showcase your talent of concocting your very own cocktail. A quirky beverage name and description on the menu are a must.

21. Photobooth Trailer


For obvious reasons, you can't drive a van-like photobooth into an indoor venue. But you can for a garden wedding - feels like the thrill of a road trip.

22. Illuminating Light Bulbs


Love all things dreamy? Then you must include these big light bulbs as part of your wedding style. Better still, allow them to overhang seamlessly from tree branches for a breathtaking view.

23. Majestic Floral Centrepiece


Now it's a wedding dinner worthy for royalty when you combine a blend of pastel-colored flowers with different sizes as floral centrepiece.

24. Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign


The best place to display wedding calligraphy (aside from the invitation) is on your welcome sign. Also, use a frosted acrylic for enhanced effect. Your guests will start queuing up for photos even at the entrance.