A List of Fun Shoe Game Questions To Test The Newlyweds’ Relationship

By: Clara Ling | December 18, 2019 | in Planning Tips, Trending, Ceremony & Reception

Who needs an introduction to the shoe game at weddings? Fret not. We’ve got that figured out. For some of you, perhaps the shoe game is something really familiar to you. You’ve thought of using it as part of your reception itinerary to entertain your guests. Question is, how do you make it more lively? Away with those boring old questions. We’ve got a few fun ones for you to check out. 

Firstly, here’s how it’s played. Get your emcee to announce the game session. Sit back to back with your spouse holding your own shoe in one hand and your partner’s shoe in the other hand. Your emcee will then start asking you a few questions which you both have to answer by raising one shoe. Raising the bride’s shoe means the answer is the bride and vice versa. Pretty simple right?

Here in the Malaysian setting, this game has gained much popularity, especially among the Indian weddings recently and it can be super fun. The bride and groom answer really hilarious questions about each other, creating a really huge “laughter riot” among guests. 

The thing is every couple wants to be unique. Whether you’re the person chairing the game or not, here are some really fun questions for you to consider asking the couple. 


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General Shoe Game Questions To Start Out With

  • Who has higher obsessive compulsive disorder?
  • Who is getting bald first?
  • Who will put on weight first?
  • Who always gets his/her way?
  • Who has a better sense of humour?
  • Who has a better laugh? 
  • Who sings better in the shower?
  • Who is better with children?
  • Who has better Netflix movie taste?
  • Who has a nicer waistline?



Shoe Game Relationship Questions

  • Who is the decision maker?
  • Who is the better kisser?
  • Who is the first to say sorry?
  • Who does the laundry?
  • Who can’t resist the kiss?
  • Who sulks more?
  • Who drives each other crazy?
  • Who jokes more often?
  • Who loves better?
  • Who needs more me-time?
  • Who is your favourite person?


Shoe Game Personality Related Questions

  • Who is clumsier?
  • Who looks in the mirror more often?
  • Who is the loudest?
  • Who is the most dramatic?
  • Who is more serious?
  • Who is more flexible?
  • Who snores louder?
  • Who gives better presents?
  • Who acts like a baby when sick?
  • Who gives surprises more? 
  • Who is more stubborn?



Shoe Game Marriage Related Questions

  • Who is going to do the laundry?
  • Who is going to wash the toilets?
  • Who is going to clean baby’s diapers?
  • Who is going to squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom up?
  • Who is going to refill toilet papers?
  • Who is going to keep the toilet dry? 
  • Who is going to cook?
  • Who is going to pay the bills?
  • Who is going to give more than take?
  • Who is a better spouse?



Additional Tips To Add Fun And Spice To The Shoe Game

Sugar, anyone? Maybe with some additional spice? Try on these additional ideas and tips to add fun, create more laughter and joy to the wedding shoe game. 


Involve Guests

Stir up the atmosphere a little then, invite and encourage guests to shout out questions to the couple. This helps create a bond at the same time create involvement. You don’t have to worry about someone being left out then.

You can even pass pieces of paper or sticky notes for guests to jot down impromptu questions. You will be able to find some really funny and thought provoking ones!

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Be Selective On Your Questions

You do not want to have that awkward moment where nobody is having fun at the wedding right? Choose only really funny questions to create maximum giggles and laughter at the wedding. 


Add Fun To The Game

What about adding some fun by including some really exciting itinerary during the shoe game? For instance, involving the bridesmaids and groomsmen into the game. For the losing team, each gets a light punishment. Well, be sure not to go overboard with this. Fun has its limits. 



So here we go. All ready to kick start a fun night with your loved ones! Remember these are just some tips and fun ideas for the wedding shoe game. If you have some other additional ideas, why not add them into your own agenda and craft out something unique for the couple?