A Photo Of The Beginning, End And Ever After Love Story In Penang

By: Clara Ling | November 29, 2019 | in Destination Wedding, Real Wedding, Planning Tips, Ceremony & Reception

As Ed Sheeren says, “We can keep this love in a photograph”. We’ve all heard it before that long distance relationships don't last. But this story between Amanda and Luke has just proven to all of us otherwise. Here we are, introducing you to this romantic story between Amanda and Luke who had just shown us that memories captured in a string of photographs are meant to last a lifetime. Are you ready to capture these moments with them?



What’s Your Love Story?

We met in Saudi Arabia at an international university as our professors co-shared a lab. While I was doing my PhD, Luke was doing his postdoctoral training, he also mentored me for some of the experimental work. Through our interactions and social activities we became good friends but sadly Luke’s contract ended and he moved home to Cape Town. After keeping in touch over long distance we soon realized how much we missed each others company that we decided to visit each others country. After many adventurous trips including horse riding, cave exploring, paragliding and wildlife safaris’ our friendship soon blossomed into romance. Luke openly expressed his love to me by pursuing me, relocating back to Saudi Arabia and soon after he proposed at Ciragan Palace while we were on holiday in Istanbul, Turkey … I had to say YES (it’s not everyday that you get proposed to at a PALACE!). We were engaged for a year while planning our wedding and coordinating everything while abroad. We got married last year in South Africa having an afternoon garden wedding followed by our dinner reception in Malaysia Penang!



Tell Us More About Your Wedding Decoration Theme 

The decoration theme for our wedding reception in Penang was based on floral in pastel cream colour palettes, while our wedding ceremony and reception in Cape Town, South Africa was rustic creme.



Why Did You Choose Steven Yam Photography?

I came to know Steven Yam through a childhood friend of mine whom had also engaged Steven as their wedding photographer for both their pre- and actual wedding photography in Penang. She highly recommended Steven and his team to us while we were looking for a local based photographer for our wedding reception in Penang. 

The outcome - one word, AMAZING! We are so thankful to have Steven and his team to be part of our celebration, capturing all the beautiful moments on our wedding day! When we first met him before our wedding day, we told him that we wanted our photographs to be more family oriented than capturing a lot of couples shots as it was the first time for both our families to meet each other. Hence, we opted for a family photoshoot (a very big outdoor family photoshoot!) in addition to couple shots. Steven was very accommodating and hospitable having to coordinate such a big group for a photoshoot. 


Since the wedding venue especially the garden by the beach offers a great scenic view for photoshoot, we took the opportunity to have a short session of couple shoot in the morning of our wedding day. Here, Steven and his team did a really great job to make our photoshoot fun as both Luke and I are quite tense especially when posing for camera shoots. We both really enjoyed and had a good time and are really pleased with the outcome of our shoot!

Not only us, both our families love and adore Steven and his team so much. They commended Steven and his team to be highly professional, yet fun and friendly, thus making our photography session a memorable one. 

In short, we highly recommend Steven Yam and his crew for couples planning to capture their pre- and actual wedding photography as well as to families who wish to have family shoots. 



A Little Tip On Planning A Successful Wedding

There is no perfect planning, at least in our opinion! We admit we were stressed out quite a bit especially nearing to our wedding day, that is because we did all our planning from abroad via emails, whatsapp, social media etc. Hence, there is no such thing as a sneak preview for us as we only get the see the things on the actual day itself, mostly after the wedding itself via the photos taken. We just had to have complete trust towards all our vendors. The main advice is to do your homework by reading the reviews, go through all the photos or blogs as advertised or ask around your family & friends for suggestions or recommendations! Importantly, plan it together with your future partner-in-life, asking each other for their opinions, agree upon it, allocate the tasks and execute them. Planning a wedding after all is also part of marriage, a life-long commitment that both partner has agreed to partake together.

What Was The Most Memorable Aspect Of The Wedding?

We enjoyed every bit of it from the planning stage up to the post-mortem (lol!). Looking back on our wedding day, we really love and treasure the moment where all our families and friends whom have travelled far and close to be part of our celebration. Their laughter, joy and happiness were the most memorable aspect of our wedding. 



The Vendors 

Wedding venue: Penang Shangri La Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

Photographer: Steven Yam Photography

Custom made bridal gown: Dentelle Bridal 

Custom made men suit: Penang Gala Tailor

Wedding heels: Kate Mosella

Make-up artist cum hair stylist: Kelly Makeup Studio

Florist cum wedding decor: Glory Florist

Door gift: Lovely-Romance

Dessert counter for pre-reception: Li Er Nyonya Kuih & Jenni Cake House

Wedding band: Wedding in Charlie

Emcee: Carmen Loo

Photobooth: Penang Photobooth