Dress To Impress: Wedding Guest Attire

By: Rennise Leang | November 29, 2019 | in Fashion, Planning Tips

Have you ever struggled with the question “What should I wear?” Girl, you’re not the only one. We all do, especially when it comes to the hottest season - wedding season! As a wedding guest, you certainly don’t want to overdress, or even worse, underdress.

We know that every girl wants to be the spotlight wherever she goes. However, honey, remember it’s not your big day! You don’t want to turn the bride into a bridezilla, do you?

Got trouble deciding your outfit for the upcoming wedding? No worries, we’ve got all the attire etiquettes for you. Here’s everything you need to know about what and what not to wear as a wedding guest.


1. Consider The Location

Is it a traditional wedding at a chapel? If that’s so then you may want to dress appropriately without appearing too flashy.

Is it a destination wedding by the beach? The romantic scene when the sea breeze is blowing through the veil and the couple exchanges their vows of marriage on a white sandy beach with the crystal clear water.

Make sure you know where is the location of the wedding in advance.

If the wedding is held by the beach, you wouldn’t want to wear a long-sleeved maxi dress in the hot summer. Instead, dress up hot, ladies. Wait, we don’t mean bikini.

We recommend you to wear a summer dress with wedges or a nice pair of sandals.

Don’t suffer yourself by wearing high heels to strolling along the beach.



2. Avoid Anything White

Wearing a white dress at a wedding reception is never a good idea unless you are specifically asked to do so. Imagine this, the moment you walk into the wedding in a gorgeous white dress with flawless makeup, people might mistake you as the bride and walk up to congratulate you.

AWKWARD! I know that doesn’t sound too bad but the limelight is not yours to steal. 

Whether or not the couple of honour cares about your attire, always avoid colour such as ivory, off white, beige and lace that could resemble a wedding dress. Why? They look basically white in the photo. No one wants to receive glares or risk somebody spilling red wine on your white dress “accidentally on purpose” for doing the bride a favour.

Moral of the story? Keep it drama free.

Tips: Dress up in a bright colour if it is a daytime wedding; Dress up in a darker tone if the wedding is held in the evening. If there’s white, call for an alternative choice.





3. Skip The Denim

Just don’t, honey. Remember we talked about underdressed. Denim is kind of inappropriate and rude for attending a wedding. Stylistically, denim pops out in the era of rebellion. Wearing denim outfits like jeans, to a wedding making people think you are lack of behaviour and lack of sense.

Even though it’s mentioned that the wedding is on a more casual theme, we would still recommend a wedding guest to wear jumpsuits or some comfortable dress with sandals or flats.

P/S: Keep all your denim jeans, shorts and skirts at home.



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4. Avoid Overly Revealing Dress

It’s alright for a wedding guest to wear fancy pancy outfit but it doesn’t mean an extremely sexy dress like a tight short glittery dress - that’s something you might wear to a nightclub.

You can show some skin but not like you’re selling them away. For example, if you want to show the legs, you may keep your shoulder or back covered up. If it’s the shoulder, we recommend you to wear a midi dress.

Ladies, the bottom line is - you’ll arouse more curiosity when with a smart-sexy evening dress. *wink wink*




5. Don’t Do Dramatic Dress

It’s better to let the newlyweds shine on their night. It’s NOT okay to show off your outfit too much. Neither a gala nor red carpet, it’s a wedding that you are attending.

Don’t wear a grand evening gown, unless it’s a royal ball theme. Try to fit yourself in the bride’s heels. If you are the bride, certainly you don’t want your wedding guests to wear be more glamorous outfit than you. It’s a fashion crime.

So what should you do instead? Keep it simple but classy.




6. Beware What’s Underneath

It’s not just what you wear on the outside, but what you wear on the inside matters too.

Well, we mean your undergarments. 

Meanwhile, being a fashionista, you may want to pay attention to what you are wearing underneath too.

Do invest yourself in a strapless bra. You know, to be honest, it’s a fashion disaster when you are wearing a fairly sexy open-back dress with a grandma-style bra. Don’t embarrass yourself like that.

Besides, you may want to wear safety pants. Without a doubt, you don’t want to be the Marilyn Monroe of the night and the joke of the year!



Although the wedding reception typically is just a more celebrated and elaborated kind of dinner, can you just put half the effort to dress up? Of course not! It’s time to dress to impress, always. This guide will certainly lend you a hand when you’re having a wardrobe situation. Remember these simple wedding attire etiquette and you’re sure to have an amazing night! 

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

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