Finally Sealed: Victor + Eunice's Sweet Garden Wedding

By: Clara Ling | November 15, 2019 | in Real Wedding, Ceremony & Reception

Don’t we all love stories about how couples met each other and finally embarked on their happily ever after? These two gorgeous people brought together a wedding to remember towards this new journey as husband and wife. Keeping things simple, decent and sweet, Victor and Eunice’s garden wedding is like no other.

So here we are. Bridalgram has pulled a story just to know a little bit more about the couple and what they have to say. Let’s read on. 

What’s Your Love Story?

It all started with that first email Victor sent me and requested for a turnaround in 2 days when I was having my year end holidays. That was the beginning of our relationship as auditor and client. Fast forward 6 months of working together and eventually becoming friends, we came to a point of time where I was seconded elsewhere for a work assignment. We set apart without knowing if we will ever meet again. We hardly kept in touch but when we did, it felt like we have just met yesterday. Time flies. I still remember that grin on his face when I returned months later. Thereafter he has been really sweet and caring but I was too dense to realise that there was more to just him being nice. Took us long enough but I am glad we decided to take things further, from working partners to friends, then couple and eventually saying "I do" in Maldives. We feel blessed that we are who we are now.

Why Did You Choose Averie Hous?

We’ve always loved garden weddings and Averie Hous was our first choice because not only the setting is beautiful, the venue offers the best plan B. As a couple, the doubts can be real. What if it rains? The wedding would be so ruined. And Averie Hous gave us the assurance of a great plan in case such instances happen. Besides, it offers up to 8 hours of use of the venue. 


Tell Us More About Your Wedding Decoration Theme

We wanted to keep things au natural and enhance the beauty of the original setting. Hence, we chose a soft blush pink as our wedding theme colour. The arch and flowers are based on own personal preference. 

Tips For Planning A Garden Wedding

Make best friends with Pinterest! Most of our wedding ideas came from Pinterest boards with tonnes of creative ways, DIYs and much more! But before that, always communicate with your other half to discuss and understand clearly what the both of you want. Then, work within a budget. 


Most Memorable Aspect Of The Wedding

Our most memorable would be the point where we exchanged our vows. It was beautiful and significant for both of us. Not to mention also the moment when pastor declared we are a husband and wife. It is like a dream come true. Finally done and sealed! We also recalled how our wedding photos and videos were professionally produced by both Momento Wedding and Light Feather Studio respectively. 

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Averie Hous
Videographer: Light Feather Studio
Photographer: Momento Wedding
Bridal Gown Rental: Love Tree
Suit Rental: The Joy Bridal Boutique 
Make Up: Rinako Makeup Artist

Bridalgram would like to extend a huge congratulations to you Victor and Eunice and thanks so much for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us all! May your journey be a wonderful road and blessing to others.