How To Choose The Right Music For Your Wedding Video

By: Dennis De Vosse | December 18, 2019 | in Planning Tips

How often do you look at a couple's wedding video and get awestruck? That 'wow' feeling that makes you wonder if your video on your big day could feel like this, if not better. I'm not sure about you, but I just feel like someone's chopping onions even when I stumble upon a random couple's sweet wedding video. The wedding videographer must be brilliant with the visuals. No doubt, but later I learnt, what's even more important was the music and melody behind it.

In this featured article, we've gotten AMO Wedding - a group of creative wedding videographers to share their insights on what makes or breaks a wedding video, specifically the tunes. How do you pick the right music for your wedding video? Let's find out!


1. Watch A Lot of Of Wedding Videos.


Raise your hand if you've ever got emotional watching a friend's wedding video, be it at the dinner reception or on social media. Now, if you're looking to get more ideas for your wedding video, especially the music, watch more wedding videos. We can't tell you how many, but there can never be too much of inspiration. 

While you're at it, don't just pay attention to the scenes, listen to the background music and song choice. We'd really recommend you to start by watching wedding videos of videographers you like.


2. Get Inspired And Figure Your Musical Taste.


There's many ways to go about figuring your preference in music for your wedding video. You can randomly scroll through Instagram TV or browse through our trusted wedding videographer's portfolio. Want something more western? Check out From elegant to bohemian, dramatic to romantic - get inspired with thousands of wedding videos across the globe. Keep track of the tunes that resonate with you. 

Which wedding video excites you? Which music stirs your soul? What mood do you want to create? Long story short. Meaningful lyricism, upbeat melody and light instrumentals create emotions and give your wedding video personality.


3. Pay Attention To Your Wedding Vow


This will never get said enough. Audio plays such a significant role in your wedding video. "Try watching a wedding video without the sound on. If there's a big contrast with and with no sound, that means the audio is doing something," shared Robin from AMO Wedding.

Now, there are things where you can leave to your wedding videographer to work their magic; but there are things that you absolutely must do well on your own - your wedding vow. This will most definitely be the highlight of your wedding video, all things considered. Here's a few quick tips. Be confident and expressive, say your vows as if you mean every word. Be comfortable with the mic and speaking in front of a crowd. Most importantly, pay attention to your partner when speaking (yes, eye contact!).

[Just What You Need! 5 Steps To Write Your Wedding Vow]


4. Trust Your Videographer

With everything we've told you, this cannot be understated. You've hired a professional wedding videographer to shoot, capture and edit your film. You've got every reason to trust their expertise, because you're in good hands. You've chosen them because you know these guys will do a good job.

Of course, during the planning stage, offer as much information as possible to the videography team. Eg. music taste, love song, mood and atmosphere that you want to create, etc. But at the end of the day, trust that they'll choose the right songs and music to create a wedding film that's uniquely yours.


5. Tips from AMO Wedding

Now if you're choosing songs for your wedding video, here are the questions that you and your significant other got to ask. Does this song mean something to me? What genre or style of music do I like? What kind of vibe do I like my wedding video to have?

Want more inspiration? Here are some real couples’ wedding videos of different music genres and styles.

Pop Rock - feat. Kevin & Camy

Ambient - feat. Nathaniel & Felicia

Grand & Elegant - feat. Jason & Eliiyse


There you have it. Bet you didn't know that a wedding video's most important element is its audio and music. Check out AMO Wedding and their amazing real weddings here.