How To Keep Your Wedding Guest List Under Control

By: Lavinia Ho | November 06, 2019 | in Planning Tips

Who should I add to my wedding guest list? Brides, isn’t this a question we all have? It can sometimes be tricky. You’ll be surprised by the amount of people appearing on your first draft – from family, friends, neighbours next door, co-workers to your parents’ social circles – but you might need to prioritise some guests over others. There is no hard and fast rule to create a wedding guest list. Read on for our Top 6 Tips On How To Compile Your Wedding Guest List!

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1. Do The Math!

Everyone wants to throw the biggest wedding party, but do you know what is the minimum and maximum number of guests you can cover? Let’s be real. Your overall budget is the driving factor for the number of attendants you invite. You can jot down the names to create your dream list first, then try to adjust the number of guests before cutting cost for other extra demand items like DJ, alcohol or catering. Remember to always stick to your budget!

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2. Who Is On Your Wedding A-List?

Drafting your wedding list is not as fun as tasting cake flavors, but you can start by a categorization exercise. Create an A-list and B-list with your spouse by listing people you would like to invite according to categories (A list and B list). Can’t imagine your night without them raising a glass of champagne to celebrate with you? Toss these amazing people into your A-list. This is how you strategize the rest of your potential attendees down the alphabet.

Tip: Send your A-list invitations earlier (10 weeks in advance), this will give you time to invite your B-list. You might tell those guests they’re the second-best if you send your B-list invitation too close to your wedding date.

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3. RSVP!

Use RSVP at the end of your invitation, for example, RSVP by October 10th. We recommend to send your “save the date” invitations earlier, at least 10 weeks in advance! It’s good if you can get an immediate confirmation. Whereas for guests who are uncertain for attending your big day, ask again for confirmation 6 weeks before the date. This will ease you in arranging the guests’ seats and preparation of door gifts. 

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4. Talk To Your Parents

To be honest, making a guest list can be quite messy when you’re involving both sets of parents, what’s more when they are contributing financially. Therefore, it’s important to approach and discuss tactfully on your guest list. Some families might have a feel of sense in owning the guest list especially if they’re footing a major part of the bill.

Communication, communication, communication! Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and even slower to make judgements. Make sure you’re sending the right signals, everyone wants to be heard and understood.

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Tip: Split the guest list evenly into three parts. You and your spouse get half of the guest list, and each set of parents will own a quarter of the guest list. Beautiful!

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5. Wedding Guest List Template

Be smart and use a system that’s collaborative! You can build your guest list through different ways but a collaborative system is a smarter choice as you can input and make edits in real-time and get the latest update anytime, anywhere! You can filter by groups, keep track of RSVP, store everyone’s contact information, etc. We’d recommend using Google Docs.

Check out The Spruce to find the perfect wedding guest list template to keep a tab on the people you plan on inviting. These templates will make sure no invitation or thank you note gets forgotten. 

6. Guest List Flowchart 



Psst… This is definitely the most effective way to determine who’s on your wedding guest list. This is a test to see how close the bond you share with a person. Have you spoken to them in the past 12 months? Are they your immediate family or extended family? Do you consider them a friend? Can you imagine your big day without them? If the answer is yes, you’ve got the answer.  Your wedding is an intimate affair among friends and family, so please exercise tact while planning your wedding guest list. You got this.