How To Pose For Your Wedding Videography

By: Rennise Leang | January 07, 2020 | in Planning Tips, Trending

The little moments in marriage make the best memories. Besides photos that keep these precious memories and timeless love forever, video is another way to relish the moments. Through sight and sound, those flashbacks are filled with beautiful emotions. 

When it comes to wedding video shooting, there are couples who don’t want to have a wedding video simply because they don’t know how to pose, especially brides and bridesmaids. Worry no more! We are going to share important tips for you - how to pose as brides and bridesmaids for wedding video shooting. These are the tips given by the professional videographer, Robin from AMO Wedding Penang.

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Before Signature

“Before Signature” is a scene taken when the bride is in her nightgown. Standing and looking passionately at her wedding dress by the windows. The bride shows an expression that’s in love -  a little nervous and a whole lot of excitement. It expresses the moment when the bride is imagining a future life with her husband while touching her wedding dress. In order to make the movements go smooth and natural, the videographer will ask the brides to do some continuous action.

After Signature

“After Signature” is almost the same as “Before Signature”. It is another beauty shot where the bride has already changed into her wedding dress. However, the scene will be taken differently at various locations in the house. For example, sitting on the bed, standing against a different window or by the banister on the stairs. It’s a really simple and effortless shot that depends on the view of the house. 

Pose 1: I Am Talking To You (我跟你讲话)

What’s fun about this technique “I Am Talking To You”? It is the best way to get the bride and bridesmaids excited and enjoy themselves naturally. Why say so? As the videographer always asks the bride and bridesmaids to talk to each other for a “sisters’ bonding” scene, they don’t know what to say and in the end, it creates an awkward silence. In order to avoid the awkwardness, the videographer will advise them to say 5 words - “I am talking to you.” Most of them will start laughing from the bottom of their hearts while saying this sentence. It does sound a little childish but well, it works perfectly every time!

Pose 2: Meaningful Tears

“Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing.” This is the most emotional one among the other poses during the bride’s scene. The videographer will invite the parents of the bride without her knowing. The bride will definitely be surprised. First, some group photos are taken. Suddenly, the videographer will ask the mother of the bride, “Do you have anything that you want to tell your daughter?” With the heartwarming words from the mum and the concoction of heartfelt feelings, generally, the bride will be very emotional. Therefore, the meaningful tears scene will be captured successfully at this moment. 

Pose 3: V-Queen Cheers

The bridesmaids will be asked to stand in a V-line, the bride will be standing in the middle. When the videographer counts to 3, the brides will walk towards the camera slowly and walking her hand waving like a Miss World under the applause of the bridesmaids. Once the bride finishes walking, the bridesmaid will run to her and hug her. It will spice up the video by adding another climax like this. As Woodrow Wilson says, “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.” Your squad will always be there for you, no matter ups and downs. 

Pose 4: Walking Hand In Hand

This scene is where the bride and bridesmaids standing in a horizontal line, walking arm in arm towards the front at the same time. Normally, they will worry about not walking at the same pace or having difficulty in synchronizing. So, the videographer will tell them to do some rehearsals before the actual shooting. What they don’t know is, usually the videographer has already recorded when they are doing their rehearsals. “This will be the most natural way to capture the walking scene because some of them will become nervous when they know the camera is rolling,” exclaims Robin.

Pose 5: Veil Like Queen

The bride, aka. The Queen is asked to stand in the middle. Meanwhile, her bridesmaid will stand around her like her “servants” of the day, raising their hands up in the sky and opening up the bride’s wedding veil. So that the queen is under the veil while the servants are organizing the tail of the wedding gown and adjusting her veil.

We understand that a wedding could be a stone on your shoulder sometimes but trust us! It’s worthwhile for a lifetime. We hope after reading this article, you can make good use of these video shooting posing tips from Robin AMO Wedding. 


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