Relive The Beautiful Moment With A Fish Tank Wedding

By: Rennise Leang | January 17, 2020 | in Real Wedding, Trending

Do you believe that fate can pull two strangers together and make their hearts sing? We certainly do. These two people come from a very different background. However, Wei Ting and Jia Le (Charlotte) felt the tingle in their hearts during their first meeting. 

Ready to check out this couple’s beautiful wedding? Let’s read on!

What’s Your Love Story?

“We met each other in an unexpected location. It was in front of a fish tank! We felt the tingle between us when our eyes met. Ever since then, it has become a life-changing moment for us.”


“A “TingLe” from when we felt nothing at all before knowing you.”


Tell Us About Your Wedding Theme

We wanted to relive the beautiful moment of our first meeting. Therefore, we chose a theme called “The Meeting At A Fish Tank” (鱼缸前的相遇). In the selection of colour, we chose dark green which Jia Le adores to match with dark blue water ripple pattern to form huge fish tank settings. We would like to let the guests know the journey that we’ve been through. 

As Charlotte is a wedding planner from Le Infinite Wedding And Event, she has extraordinary ideas for her wedding. The dried leaves and gold reeds to create a rustic and warm colour scheme instead of the mainstream flower sea. The inspiration for the wedding logo TingLe came from the name of the couple - Wei “Ting” and Jie “Le”.

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For the wishing corner, a small fish tank is placed for the guests to put in their handwritten wishing cards. After the wedding, we could take the fish tank back home as our personal collection of sweet memories and read all the blessings from the guests.

We prepared something offbeat in the cocktail area for our guests before our wedding started. Light snacks are well prepared. They can mingle with each other while resting their feet. Besides, our photos were scattered evenly across the area for photo taking.

To realize this love journey, we felt so grateful that the wedding decoration team - Time Machine Event put a lot of effort into creating the centerpiece fish tank. They decorated the inside of the fish tank with our photos, algae and corals, pebbles, and a lot of fairy lights. From the material of the fish tank frame to the details inside the fish tank, it totally portrays every stage of our love. 


Most Memorable Aspect Of The Wedding

“Well, the most memorable aspect of the wedding is the flying veil scenario,” said Charlotte. Wei Ting serenaded me with a heart-touching song while I walked into the hall. The entrance of the hall was a gazebo. The dimensions and position of the gazebo were measured precisely to accommodate the design of the “flying veil” scenario.

The “flying veil” represented the worries of an unknown future that was faced by the bride. It was also a touching moment for the parents as she’s always been the apple of her parents’ eyes. Once the veil was perfectly dropped on the bride’s head - it meant they had to let go of her hand and pass it to Wei Ting. No matter what holds for them in the next stage of life, they'll overcome the obstacles, positively together.


[Watch Now!] Wedding of Wei Ting & Jia Le

Just a word of advice, you might want to get your tissue ready.


Wedding Vendors

Planner/coordination/flying veil: Le Infinite Wedding And Event & Wiim Team

Video credits: Above Production

Deco credits: Time Machine Event 時光機

Makeup credits: Sasa de Maquillage ( Pro. Makeup Artist )

Gown credits: H Gallery

Balloon credits: Aphrodite Wishes

Emcee credits: Juin Teh

Band credits: Ellen Sooi & Ling ling Chong

Instrumental band: Fusion Music Event

Venue credits: Restaurant PEKIN KK 北京楼烈光镇

Dessert & cake: The Sugar Pantry


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