Wedding Gatecrashing Games: Yay Or Nay?

By: Clara Ling | January 10, 2020 | in Planning Tips, Trending, Ceremony & Reception

So if you’ve been invited to a typical Chinese wedding, it’s pretty sure that you’ve seen how Chinese wedding games are played differently compared to Western weddings. For many Chinese weddings, there is such a thing we call the heng dai game or the wedding gatecrashing game. This is where the ji mui or the sister troop of the bride will plan some games for the heng dai or brother troop of the groom. Well, the concept basically revolves around how the groom and his troop has to go through some challenges and trials (games, basically) to “fetch” the bride who’s waiting patiently for her man in another room. We’d like to think of it as the harder version of Mario, where the princess is waiting to be rescued.

As time progresses in this modern day, couples are slowly wondering if wedding gatecrashing games are still valid? Or perhaps necessary? Which is why we've spoken with professional wedding photographer Whalle Studio to pull together some explanations on why you should proceed with the wedding gatecrashing games and a snippet of why some couples choose not to play them? Here it is, let’s read on. 

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Why Should You Play The Gatecrashing Game?

1. It Creates Really Fun Memories

Ever figured how sweet it’ll be when you and your spouse starts talking and laughing about the bizarre and hilarious things that happened on your wedding day? That’s exactly what we’re talking about. Not only between the both of you, but also among your bridal party as well. Having wedding gatecrashing games is a creative and easy way for you and your spouse to craft beautiful memories to share with those close to you and even tell your future children and grandchildren about them. 


2. Build Quality Time Among Loved Ones

Engaging friends and families in wedding gatecrashing games actually helps build quality time and bond relationships together. With life getting busier and busier, how many times can you actually spend a fun session with your loved ones? Having these games actually help create a space for families and friends to cherish each other with lots of smiles and laughter! 


3. Wedding Video Purpose

People say photos tell a thousand stories. That’s true, but videos tell even more. It tells of memories from the past, fun times and cherishable moments together with your loved ones. Having your wedding gatecrashing games captured on video is indeed a fun and better way to express the joy of celebrating your nuptials.


4. Something Fun To Share

Having your loved ones celebrate the big day is something really significant. Having something to share together creates the memorable element as you kick start this journey together. Seeing your wedding gatecrashing session captured on video actually gives your guests something to laugh about, helps everyone relate to your wedding as well as creating a bond with one another during dinner.


5. Builds Relationship With Close Friends and Family

Your wedding is really not just about the agendas. It’s about your loved ones. These are the people who have watched you grow up and journeyed with you through thick and thin. On the note, wedding gatecrashing games is a fun way to help everyone bond together. And oh, did we mention that friendships can spark too? Imagine that single guy and girl friend of yours who meet for the first time and fall in love while playing the wedding gatecrashing games? How romantic is that? Whatever it is, playing wedding gatecrashing games is a fun way for couples to store up their memory bank with friends and family. 


Why Do Some Couples Choose Not To Play The Game

1. Fear of Embarrassment

As much as wedding gatecrashing games are fun, builds memories and what not, you are actually showing your funniest side to people. As most of these moments are captured and displayed on your wedding video, some couples are shy in doing so. Whatever it is, always discuss with your partner about the plan and your thoughts before anything else.


2. Fear of Ruining Relationship

While some wedding gatecrashing games are really fun and hilarious, sometimes they can be too extreme. As much as wedding gatecrashing games are fun and hilarious, some couples have the fear that too much extremism may ruin friendships. We should say, moderation is key.


The point is that any game should be fun, right? But not everything you think is fun is fun for the couple as well as the rest of the audience watching it. Remember at the end of the day, it isn’t about you, but the couple! For this reason, we have gotten some professional advice from Whalle Studio on planning wedding gatecrashing games so that everyone has a fair share of fun, happiness and laughter on the wedding day. 


Whalle Studio's Advice For Wedding Gatecrashing Game Planning

1. Games must be interactive in nature

So basically wedding gatecrashing games allow couples to calm their nerves before walking down the aisle. Not only that, it also helps bring the audience together. Weddings are about two families becoming one after all. Having said so, it’s important to ensure that these games are interactive with the audience. Involving the audience spices up the atmosphere hence, builds the bond between families even right before the wedding starts. 


2. Fun and collaborative games, not competitive

As mentioned earlier here, the wedding is about the couple. In regards to planning wedding gatecrashing games, you could consider more collaborative games instead of competitive ones. Think about games that require the troop to work together. For instance, the yoga game. When it comes to flexibility, men are just really stiff. Hence, having the idea of them striking yoga poses while serenading for the bride is fun too! 


3. Involve family members, relatives and friends - especially those who are more confident and sporting.

Think about team building, just that it’s been applied in a wedding setting where every party is involved. Even kids! Make everyone participate and collaborate with the groom troop. Wouldn’t that be a better way to ease the embarrassment and get everyone involved? Try games that will engage family members, relatives and friends who are confident and engaging as well so that there won’t be any awkward moments. 

An extra tip, if you’re the person planning for the wedding gatecrashing games, try arranging the games with the one the bride would love most in first priority. Just in case if the rundown of the event doesn’t go as smoothly as expected, you wouldn’t be wasting too much time trying to finish up the entire game list. Finally, remember to also make sure someone video-calls the bride so she can enjoy the moment too. Have fun!