Wild & Adventurous Pre-Wedding Bridal Photoshoot Ideas

By: Rennise Leang | February 07, 2020 | in Trending

Pre-wedding photoshoot is always a lovely trend and has become a must-do in Asian nuptials. Nowadays, Westerners are quickly adapting our footsteps in having a pre-wedding photoshoot in order to lessen the to-do-list on their actual wedding day. 

There are various photography styles and unique locations for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Undeniably, everyone wants something special for their once-in-a-lifetime wedding. Tired of having your pre-wedding photoshoot in a studio or on the street? Not a big fan of the urban? Yes, we heard you! You’ve got to check out these thrilling ideas! It’s time to try the Wild And Adventurous Pre-Wedding Bridal Photoshoot!

Hop on, adventurer!


The Significance Of Rainforest

130-million-year-old tropical rainforest in The Habitat, Penang Hill is somewhere you absolutely need to be for your bridal portrait if you are forest lover. Located 12m from the ground and approximately 820m above sea level, Curtis Crest Tree Top Walkway has a total length of 100m semi-circular loop. It is one of the best spots to catch the sunset in your pre-wedding photoshoot. There’s just something magical about trees and greens. 

The Habitat, Penang Hill


The Pristine Blue Lake

Take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty of our mother earth. Frog Hill, located at Kampung Guar Petai, Penang is also known as the mini JiuZhaiGou in Malaysia. Although once a mine decades ago, it’s long been abandoned and now filled with rainwater. But believe it or not, Frog Hill is now the pristine blue lake of varying sizes, a result of the reflection of the big blue sky - a natural Xanadu. It is now a popular picturesque spot for couples to have their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Wloon Photography


Aromatic Flower Sea

Want to be a pixie of the day? This place is meant for you! Surrounded by the flower sea, healing and calming yourself with the aroma of the surrounding! Get your pre-wedding photoshoot in Lavender Garden, Cameron Highlands while the flora blooms at their fullest. It is absolutely fascinating and soul-soothing, not to mention the blooming aroma! 

Wloon Photography


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A Childhood Dream

Newlyweds, do you dream of a stressless pre-wedding photoshoot that can bring out your inner child? We got the perfect one for you. Tainan Zoo, Taiwan is quickly gaining its popularity for the spectrum of beautiful colours you can get here - and yes, no filter required. This is the best spot for you to have a stroll down memory lane. Besides, if you are a wildlife lover, you must check this place out - Nara Park, Japan. The deers here are just like in Snow White. You can even interact with the deers, as they’ll reciprocate your gesture and bow back at you. We just love pre-wedding photographs with animals in it!

La-vie Photography



Into The Unknown

Are you ready to explore the unknown? Absolutely. Let’s go! There are several caves that consist of cenotes located in Cancun, Mexico. A cenote is a natural sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. With the right amount of beautiful light entering the caves, you are able to get a series of underwater wonderland pre-wedding photoshoot. Well, mermaids wannabe are gonna love ‘em so badly! Just be ready to get wet.

Ron Soliman

Fine Art Studio Weddings


The Floor Is Lava!

Remember “The Floor Is Lava” challenge in 2017? You know what? Go ahead and accept that challenge but take it to the next level by having your pre-wedding bridal photoshoot by an active volcano in Kilauea, Hawaii! Daredevil couples sure love this insanely cool pre-wedding photography spot! Let’s see whether you can handle the heat! If you are unimaginably lucky, you are going to see a few new lava streams flowing into the ocean. It’s a rare natural phenomenon. Truthfully, how many can say they’ve seen molten firsthand, let alone posing with your love in front of a camera?

Jenna Lee Pictures


Land Of Ice And Snow

Can’t handle the heat? Don’t worry! We have found another pre-wedding bridal photoshoot idea for you. How about an ice cave in Iceland? 🥶 . A glacier-filled cave, with gleaming and sparkling surrounding. It is going to be an amazing Icelandic experience while having a series of incredible wedding photos.

Tips: Hire a guide to get you and your photographer safely to and from the ice cave as it is not going to be an easy journey. Do remember to bring some hot packs. Why? Cos’ you’re not Elsa from Frozen. The cold does bother you! 

Arctic Weddings Iceland

Acapella Photography


The Great History

We definitely can’t turn back time but we can always embrace the history. For newlyweds who would like to plan an East-West combo pre-wedding photoshoot, what better idea than to wear your favourite wedding gown and gesticulate at the Great Wall of China. The million meters of length of the Great Wall signifies your love journey - long and strong. Here’s another wild idea. Walk from end to end, hand in hand, and document your journey. Don’t miss such an extraordinary opportunity to capture your pics with such an amazing world icon.

Fire, wood & earth


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Some fancy pre-wedding photoshoot locations might be costly. Don’t get something that you can’t afford. At the end of the day, it’s your big day that matters most. You wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on just a photoshoot! So, honey, plan your budget wisely

We hope you feel inspired by this Wild And Adventurous Pre-Wedding Bridal Photoshoot Ideas. What are you waiting for? Strike when the iron is hot! Start contacting your wedding photographer and plan these trendy photoshoot ideas now before it’s fully booked! 


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