Ultimate Shopping Guide Wedding Dress For Plus Size Brides

May 24, 2019 | in Fashion, Planning Tips

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Plus Size Brides

Let’s face it, not all of us have that perfect stick thin model figure. We are human after all, and on a normal day, we do not go about starving ourselves so that we can be a human hanger for the dress. We’re all rightfully beautiful no matter what our sizes are – and donning the right wedding dress should not be an issue. So, don’t go subscribing to the illusion that you see in the magazines and social media that you have to be thin to be beautiful. That is far from the case.

Unfortunately, most establishments still subscribe to that illusion, and very much so, the wedding industry. It can be a challenge to find the best wedding dresses for plus size brides.

Fear not, all you plus size sisters. You may not have that so called ‘ideal’ figure, but trust us, the perfect dress for you is out there. Follow our tips to find the perfect fit.

1. Wedding Dresses are Highly Customizable


Wedding dresses are made to be highly customizable in order to fit different sizes. In fact, this can be done very fast! So just because a dress you like looked too tight for you, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be altered to fit you. Call the bridal store ahead of time when you make your appointment and inform them that you may have concerns with size so that they can arrange for their seamstress to be on standby. If you’re planning to rent your wedding dress, bear in mind that it may have been rented out to somebody else before your big day so they probably can’t do the alterations until nearer to your date. This is why the last and final fitting is the most important one for you to attend.

2. Show Off your Curves!


Plus size sisters, flaunt your curves! You may think that curves are unsightly but trust us when we say nothing is as sexy as confidence. Unlike your stick thin sisters, you fill up your wedding dress in places where they can only imagine – hips and cleavage. And if there are places that you would rather not show off or that you think are not so flattering for you, there are remedies for that, which us leads us to the next tip.

3. Get Fitted for Lingerie


If you feel that your “wobbly bits” as coined by Bridget Jones (that’s one chick who knows how to flaunt her curves and is confident about them), there are lingerie on the market that will help you hide them and give you a more svelte look. Our advice is to shop around to find the best fit and materials. Bear in mind that they can be rather uncomfortable, even though the advertisements say otherwise, so give yourself time to find the most comfortable fit. Final tip on lingerie: don’t wait till your wedding day to wear them. Take them out for a test drive to see how they fare throughout the day and how you feel at the end of the day. Do they make you feel hard to breathe especially after a meal? Is the material breathable and allow you to move freely? Can you imagine wearing them the whole day or do you just want to rip them off within a few hours?

4. Have Realistic Expectations


Don’t go in and choose a dress 2 sizes smaller expecting that you’ll lose all the excess pounds by the time your wedding day rolls around. That rarely happens. You don’t want to have dizzy spells or worse, faint on your wedding day just because you’ve been starving yourself in order to fit into the dress. Get a dress that fits you, don’t make yourself fit into the dress.

5. Have an Open Mind


We can’t stress this enough. You may have an idea of what you want when you walk into the store, but you could end up liking something else. Plus size sisters especially, are always thinking that they only have a very limited choice of dresses to choose from, like the very safe A-line options, but the truth is, there are lots more out there. Styles and materials used make all the difference to create a look that is beautiful for you.

6. Ruching or Detailing are Your Best Friends


You may think that dresses with lots of detailing will only make you look bigger than you want, but trust us when we say they can be your best friends if placed strategically at the right places. Ruching hides any unsightly bulges that you want to disguise while detailing like lace or layers focuses the attention where they are placed, thus away from where you want the least attention. Like in the dresses in the above pictures, the ruching is all concentrated heavily around the hips area, thus minimizing the look of any unsightly bulges.

7. Sleeves Hide Bulky Arms


For plus size sisters, sleeves are probably your best friends because they tone down the look of bulky arms. Sleeves are something that can be added to a dress if you so desire. Check with the seamstress if this is possible. If not, ask if they have detachable sleeves that can be worn on top of the dress. These come in a variety of designs, usually made of lace. If you don’t want sleeves, off the shoulder styles also work well. That is not to say that strapless styles are off the table for you. It is still very much possible but consider adding some sort of draping over your arms if you are self-conscious about them like the picture above. See how even that small detail shifts the focus away from the arms to the bust line instead?


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are. Every bride deserves to be beautiful on her wedding day.

Check out these plus size sisters in their wedding dresses. They look absolutely stunning!