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Wedding Venues In Kuala Lumpur You May Or May Not Have Discovered Yet

Kuala Lumpur is known as Malaysia’s finest locations. More than that, it offers you a variety of uniquely hidden wedding venues to look at. Read on to find out more.

A Photo Of The Beginning, End And Ever After Love Story In Penang

What about having a photo capturing two hearts becoming one forever? Amanda and Luke’s love story captures images of timeless romance by photographer Steven Yam in Penang.

Destination Wedding In Athens

Are you marrying someone from a different culture or country altogether? You might want to consider planning a destination wedding just like this couple!

An Eco-Friendly Wedding at Uluwatu Surf Villas in Bali

No matter the destination, the experiences and memories of a wedding are unforgettable. A destination wedding then is a truly inexplicable experience! Join this free-spirited couple for their eco-friendly wedding in the beautiful Bali.

Plan Your Destination Wedding Without Missing Out On These Details

Planning a destination wedding is fun with this guide! The only question remains is - are you ready for a wedding escapade?

10 Unique & Elegant Wedding Venues In Kuala Lumpur

You can't miss these beautiful and unique wedding venues in Kuala Lumpur! Here we’ll share with you a few of the most dazzling places to say “I Do” in 2019!

Glamz At Genting-Love Amongst The Stars

Glamz at Genting will make your proposal or wedding an unforgettable experience beneath the stars! Here’s everything you need to know about Glamz.

The Danna - Honeymoon Wedding Resort In Langkawi

Be it for a honeymoon or wedding, The Danna Langkawi shall not be missed! This will be your next couple destination for an adventure polished with lux.

Glasshouse At Seputeh Is Your Dream Wedding Venue In KL

Glasshouse At Seputeh wedding venue in Kuala Lumpur is more than meets the eye! Read what this unique and gorgeous venue has to offer.

12 Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

More than just a food haven, Penang has much to offer you for a wedding venue. Read up more on Penang's timeless and unique wedding venues here.

Magica At Subang - The Trendiest Wedding Venue In Malaysia

Magica at Subang is by far the most dazzling wedding venue you have yet to discover! It’s magical ambience, and mesmerizing decor is one you shouldn’t miss. Find out more with Bridalgram!

Tie The Knot Amidst Nature At Tanarimba Janda Baik

A moment at Tanarimba Janda Baik is like a thousand days elsewhere. Learn about what nature has to offer to make your special day a moment to remember for a lifetime.

Malihom Private Estate Hotel Is Penang’s Hidden Gem For Weddings

Did you know that somewhere in Penang, there lies a hidden gem that’s cozily tucked away in the rainforests of Balik Pulau?

15 Of The Best Honeymoon Beach Resorts in SouthEast Asia

Here’s a myriad of the best honeymoon beach resorts in Southeast Asia. Any one of these locations provides a perfect, scenic getaway for newlyweds before real life settles in once more.

This Is Your Ideal Honeymoon Destination, Based On Your Horoscope

Take a read at our handpicked honeymoon destinations that best match the personality and horoscope of your spouse.

PWPA - Why Penang Is Your Ideal Wedding Destination

We wanted to discuss and learn about the unique (and hidden) qualities of Penang and why should it be a wedding destination for soon-to-be-married couples. Here’s what you should know!

7 Incredible Hot Air Balloon Destinations for Pre-Wedding Shoot

Ever wonder how it feels like to be floating 2,000 feet in the air? Experience the chills of lifting-off and the sensation of ascending through the skies.