List of Blogs Based On Real Wedding

Relive The Beautiful Moment With A Fish Tank Wedding

Everyone falls in love under different circumstances. This couple falls in love - right in front of a fish tank! Check out their beautiful real wedding now!

A Photo Of The Beginning, End And Ever After Love Story In Penang

What about having a photo capturing two hearts becoming one forever? Amanda and Luke’s love story captures images of timeless romance by photographer Steven Yam in Penang.

A Dreamy Floral Wedding at Vangohh Eminent Premier Hotel

Who wouldn’t want to be a princess, living in her own fairytale for her big day? Experience this couple’s magical wedding at Vangohh Eminent Premier Hotel!

Finally Sealed: Victor + Eunice's Sweet Garden Wedding

Here’s something sweet and nice for couples looking at having a garden wedding in Penang. Read about Victor and Eunice’s garden wedding story at Averie Hous.

A Stress-Free Bridal House In Penang

All’s well that ends well for couples who are looking for a stress-free experience at Joie*Z Bridal House in Penang. Ready to find out more? Read on.

Destination Wedding In Athens

Are you marrying someone from a different culture or country altogether? You might want to consider planning a destination wedding just like this couple!

An Eco-Friendly Wedding at Uluwatu Surf Villas in Bali

No matter the destination, the experiences and memories of a wedding are unforgettable. A destination wedding then is a truly inexplicable experience! Join this free-spirited couple for their eco-friendly wedding in the beautiful Bali.

Fairytale-Inspired Surprise Proposal At Georgetown Wines Penang

A fairytale-inspired surprise proposal that got the girl to say ‘Yes!’ in Penang. Check out this unique and awe inspiring proposal!

A Rustic and Minimalistic Wedding at Boulder Valley in Penang

We fell in love with Boulder Valley and decided that it was the perfect wedding spot for us. Read to know why this couple tied the knot at this place in Penang!

Leona Lewis & Dennis Jaunch Stunning Vegan Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

Check out Leona Lewis and Dennis Jauch’s beautiful vegan Buddhist wedding ceremony in Italy!

A Dazzling Green Floral Wedding At The Skye

We chose The Skye at M Summit because of the beautiful glasshouse on the 21st floor. Walking down the aisle with patches of warm sunshine touching your skin, surrounded by beautiful people, it's just surreal!

An Awe Inspiring Winter-White Wedding At St. Giles Wembley

For the theme of our wedding, we decided to opt for a whimsical white setting with a hint of winter mood. A white floral archway along with white trees and white lamp posts lined the walkway.

Turkish President Is Best Man At Mesut Ozil's Wedding

How often do you have a nation's President to come to your wedding, let alone be your best man? Not very often, I'd guess. Arsenal footballer, Mesut Ozil married his wife, Amine on Friday in Istanbul, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife as legal witnesses.

A Tropical Maroon Wedding At Rasa Sayang Resort Penang

We met at church 6 months before I had to move to America. It was love that helped us survive the distance, struggle, many good-byes and see yous, and of course - hours and hours of FaceTime.

From Pre-Wedding To Ceremony: Jorise Lee & Mac's Dreamy Effervescent Wedding Inspiration

We've managed to lay our hands on their exclusively beautiful wedding shots by this professional photographer. From pre-wedding to the ceremony, here's Jorise Lee and Mac’s long awaited wedding photographs!

A Rustic Pink Wedding at Awesome Canteen, Penang

Chia Ee and Jun met since primary school, and got back in contact during high school where a romantic relationship soon grew.

A Luminous White Glass House Wedding At The Skye

The lovely couple Rasyid and Nadia’s wedding was The Skye’s first Malay wedding and it was a beautiful affair for sure. The bride wore a modest floor length white gown with long sleeves and an embroidered lace veil. Her hands were painted with white henna, and she also had on pearl drop earrings. The bride looked simply effervescent.

A Classical And Heritage-Themed Wedding In Georgetown Penang

Yoon and Grange’s love has spanned for over a decade, and they had made up their mind early on to not get married and just grow old together. However, in their words, “We guess, never say never! It just felt right to finally make it official through marriage.” Yoon is a flight stewardess with Singapore Airlines, while Grange is a pilot with Scoot.

A Whimsical Christmas Wedding At Setia Spice, Penang

The experience was surreal! When we walked down the aisle, everything just felt so right. It was simply beautiful knowing that everything I’ve planned since a year ago is being materialized - seeing the cheerful faces of my friends and family confirms it,

An Elegant Red & White Wedding at The Danna, Langkawi

William and Carissa have known each other since childhood, but it wasn’t until their college years where they both pursued their studies in Australia that a romance between them began to blossom.

Esther Zhen's Surprise Wedding Proposal

You’ve read about her beautiful Twilight-inspired wedding, but do you know the beautiful planning behind Esther Zhen’s marriage proposal

Malaysian Couple's Affordable Wedding Planned Entirely With Taobao

A Kuala Lumpur couple’s wedding has recently gone viral not only for their beautiful wedding pics, but also because of how surprisingly affordable it was. It’s an impressive feat since weddings do tend to cost a significant amount of money - kudos to the bride for her resourcefulness!

A Magnetic Garden Wedding at Botanica Mansion Penang

Our relationship has been a long-distance one for the most part, until the day we got married. LDR was never easy, but we’ve always made it through.

Esther Zhen's Majestic Twilight-Inspired Wedding

It all first started with Johnson proposing to Esther at the beach back in September 2017. There were musicians (violinists to be precise), cameramen and fireworks - even jet skis were involved! Fast forward a year later...

A Breezy Beach Wedding At Bora Bora Penang

It was after 6 months of playing hard to get that Vernon Mok woke May Chee up one midnight and blindfolded her.  He escorted her to the beach...

A Traditional Lun Bawang Wedding At Sarawak

In the state of Sarawak, there is a small town by the name of Lawas where an ethnic group of people called Lun Bawang resides. In the past, the Lun Bawang tribe had a history of being headhunters...

Jorise & Mac's Dreamy Efflorescent Wedding: A Bridalgram Exclusive

Jorise Lee is a bubbly and vibrant social media influencer known for being a young mom with the cutest baby boy named Caius who she frequently posts about. Mac, the groom...

A Breathtaking Wedding At Karuna Hill Penang

Our lovely couple Hui Kium and Er Zhen first met in a university in Penang. But it wasn't until after two years later that they started getting to know each other better and eventually began expressing their love...

The First ROM At The Gravityz, The Top Komtar Penang

Proposals, engagements, and marriage ceremonies get more extravagant with every passing year and it is interesting to note how couples go all out to ensure that the day is cherished and memorable for all the right reasons.