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Wedding Venues In Kuala Lumpur You May Or May Not Have Discovered Yet

Kuala Lumpur is known as Malaysia’s finest locations. More than that, it offers you a variety of uniquely hidden wedding venues to look at. Read on to find out more.

Wedding Gatecrashing Games: Yay Or Nay?

When you think about wedding fun, you’ll think about wedding gatecrashing games. Question is, should couples play heng dai games? Read on to find out!

Top 2020 Wedding Colour Trends That Will Make A Statement

Gone are the days where weddings are all about pure white and clean coloured hues. Check out 2020’s top wedding colour trends that will make heads turn!

How To Pose For Your Wedding Videography

Wedding video is another way to keep your precious memories forever. Wanna be a movie star but for your wedding video? Check these posing tips for your wedding videography!

10 Swoon-Worthy Couple Posing Ideas for Your Pre-Wedding

From goofy selfies to stunning pre-wedding photography, we give you 10 Swoon-Worthy Couple Poses Ideas for your Pre-Wedding!

11 Pre-wedding Photography Styles You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Don’t know which photography style to choose? Girls we hear you. Dive in this list of pre-wedding photoshoot styles that are trendy, wild and fun!

How To Choose The Right Music For Your Wedding Video

Are you wondering what music or songs should you put into your wedding video? Watch real couple wedding videos inside.

A List of Fun Shoe Game Questions To Test The Newlyweds’ Relationship

You’ve heard about the wedding shoe game. It’s a fun way to entertain guests during the reception. So here’s what we got for you - a list of really fun questions for you to try out!

2020 Ultimate Ang Pow Guide

The hottest wedding year is here! Not sure how much you should pack in an ang pow? Stop hesitating. Here's the comprehensive guide for you!

Dress To Impress: Wedding Guest Attire

Having a headache choosing an outfit for a wedding reception? Here’s everything you need to know about what and what not to wear as a wedding guest.

A Photo Of The Beginning, End And Ever After Love Story In Penang

What about having a photo capturing two hearts becoming one forever? Amanda and Luke’s love story captures images of timeless romance by photographer Steven Yam in Penang.

A Stress-Free Bridal House In Penang

All’s well that ends well for couples who are looking for a stress-free experience at Joie*Z Bridal House in Penang. Ready to find out more? Read on.

Best Wedding Themes For Year 2020

Wedding bells are ringing for year 2020! Celebrate and plan your nuptials according to these top 2020 wedding themes and suit yourself up for a wedding adventure!

How To Keep Your Wedding Guest List Under Control

One of the most important wedding planning steps – how to create a wedding guest list. Here’s our guide on how to keep things under control.

Write Your Wedding Vows in 5 Easy Steps

Wedding vows are the key element of a wedding, but they don’t often receive the same attention. These words will give meaning to everything else to your wedding day and if you’re up for the challenge, we’re here to help!

How To Decorate Your Wedding Car With This Easy-To-Follow Guide

Decorating your own wedding car is actually not a very difficult task with these simple steps. Read on for more tips!

10 Simple Step by Step Wedding Planning

Your wedding is most probably the biggest party you’ll ever throw and planning one is pretty daunting. But when you’re ready to officially start planning, here’s how to dive in!

What to Put In Your Bridesmaid Box That Will Make Them Love You Even More

What special things should you include in your bridesmaid box? Your best ladies deserve the best!

Unconventional Wedding Decoration Ideas You Should Think Of Adding

Plugging in unconventional decor add-ons can make your wedding look really beautiful. Consider these ideas while talking through your wedding decoration with your vendor.

Unexpected Wedding Costs That You May Potentially Miss Out

Don’t let any of these unexpected wedding costs bog you down during planning. Make sure to include these items in your wedding budget and checklist!

Communicate Effectively In The Midst of Wedding Planning Chaos

The wedding planning process can at times cause a lot of stress. Ever wondered how to communicate better as a couple in the midst of planning? Read on!

Top 8 Mind-Blowing Wedding Gatecrash Outfits

Want to be special on your wedding gatecrash? Read on to know more mind-blowing wedding gatecrash outfits that would impress you.

7 Quirky Must-Have Games for Wedding Gatecrash

A real friend braves the challenges of life with you, including the famous wedding gatecrash! Here is a list of quirky must-have games you can plan for your wedding gatecrash.

DIY Your Very Own Wedding Car Decoration in Malaysia

Always wanted to DIY your own wedding car decoration especially in Malaysia? It seems pretty simple on the outside, nevertheless, we all constantly run out of ideas. Here’s to the perfect getaway … in a decorated vintage vehicle.

5 Different Ways To Create Unique Indian Wedding Decorations You’ll Fall In Love With

Finding a way to craft some ideas for Indian wedding decorations but don’t know where to start? Here are some really unique ways you can follow!

Top 11 Wedding Photo Booths In Penang

Photo booths are sure to be loved by your guests. Here, we’ve handpicked Top 11 Wedding Photo Booths in Penang that’ll spark up the joy in your guests.

Plan Your Destination Wedding Without Missing Out On These Details

Planning a destination wedding is fun with this guide! The only question remains is - are you ready for a wedding escapade?

Top 10 Best Wedding Decorators In Penang

Every beautiful wedding happens because of beautiful wedding decorations. Here are the Top 10 Wedding Decorators in Penang that you must know.

Top 8 Wedding Planners In Penang

Not familiar with wedding planners? Our team knows just the right one you’ll need. These are the top wedding planners in Penang that you’ll love to work with!

Penang’s Top 10 Bridal Houses You Need To Go

Shop for wedding dresses and bridal gowns in any of these top bridal houses in Penang. Read on for more sneak peaks!

7 Easy Ways To Plan Your Own Garden Wedding

Want to create a beautiful garden wedding but not sure how to plan? We’ve created just the guideline for you brides and grooms-to-be!

10 Unique & Elegant Wedding Venues In Kuala Lumpur

You can't miss these beautiful and unique wedding venues in Kuala Lumpur! Here we’ll share with you a few of the most dazzling places to say “I Do” in 2019!

10 Creative Ways To Impress Your Guests At Your Wedding

Concerned that your guests will feel bored at your wedding? Here’s how to impress them! Read on for more tips and ideas.

Fall In Love With Penang’s Top 9 Wedding Live Bands

In this article, we’ve compiled our list of the top wedding live bands in Penang to help you and your guests to enjoy the night!

Glamz At Genting-Love Amongst The Stars

Glamz at Genting will make your proposal or wedding an unforgettable experience beneath the stars! Here’s everything you need to know about Glamz.

A Grand & Memorable Wedding Experience In Geno Hotel

Craft your own grand and memorable wedding experience at Geno Hotel this season. You’ll love this luxurious hotel at Shah Alam!

A Complete Malaysian Guide To Saving Money On A Wedding

Ever wondered how to save money for your wedding in Malaysia? With all the different kinds of wedding agendas, here are some useful tips on how you can save on your wedding budget.

The Danna - Honeymoon Wedding Resort In Langkawi

Be it for a honeymoon or wedding, The Danna Langkawi shall not be missed! This will be your next couple destination for an adventure polished with lux.

Top 100 Most Romantic Songs To Play At Your Wedding

Entertain your guests with Bridalgram’s collection of top 100 most romantic songs to play at your wedding.

12 Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

More than just a food haven, Penang has much to offer you for a wedding venue. Read up more on Penang's timeless and unique wedding venues here.

Wedding Wishes: 150 Examples of What To Write In A Wedding Card

Wedding wishes are beautiful words expressed to the couple usually in the form of a wedding card. Here’s 150 ways to write a personal and creative wedding wish.

How To Let Your Beauty Shine With Bridal Makeup

Here’s our expert bridal makeup advice from Rinako Makeup Artist, a Penang-based wedding vendor. Learn how to give your face (and hair) the care it deserves.

Magica At Subang - The Trendiest Wedding Venue In Malaysia

Magica at Subang is by far the most dazzling wedding venue you have yet to discover! It’s magical ambience, and mesmerizing decor is one you shouldn’t miss. Find out more with Bridalgram!

A Guide To Creating Beautiful Wedding Vows

Your all in one guide to writing your wedding vows: from how-to's to do's and don'ts. Read on more for samples and inspirations too!

Bride's Ultimate Guide - 26 Essential Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

26 important things you need to know before starting your wedding dress shopping journey! Read our experts’ tips to completely understand how to choose your wedding dress.

20 Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

Get inspired with our 20 handpicked creative marriage proposal ideas that will help her (or him) to say yes!

25 Questions You Need To Ask Your Wedding Live Band

Want to have a seamless evening with your wedding live band? Then you'll have to ask these 25 important questions to plan with confidence.

All You Need To Know About Indian Weddings In Malaysia

Being part of an Indian wedding is a beautiful experience. Read more about what to expect in an Indian Wedding in Malaysia.

Zebra Square KL Is Your Next Perfect Wedding Experience

Go on a wedding adventure at Zebra Square KL. It's the perfect venue for lights, camera and action!

Everything You Need To Know About Guo Da Li (过大礼)

Well you’ve both agreed that you’re going to marry each other. Congratulations!Before you walk down the aisle to happily ever after, there’s...

Fig Tree Hill Resort - A Perfect Hidden Resort In Penang For Weddings

Take your pre-wedding photos at Fig Tree Hill Resort in Penang. With lush trees and unique villas, your wedding photos will be truly extraordinary.

Candid Photography Is The Next Wedding Trend

Candid photography captures beautiful moments of a lifetime and of course, makes your wedding photography truly special. Read to learn more!

7 Amazing Candid Wedding Photographers In Penang

Candid wedding photographers are becoming more popular than ever in Penang. Why? Because these guys capture natural details and emotions at your wedding.

6 Delicious Buffet Caterers In Penang That You Must Know

Do you know that these Top 6 Buffet Catering Services in Penang offers the best food service you could ask for in any event? Make sure you read on to find out!

Claim Your Printable 12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist 2019

Here’s your 12-month ever useful printable wedding planning checklist. The biggest question when it comes to wedding planning is - how do I start? Begin your wedding planning journey at Bridalgram.

16 Unique And Custom Door Gift Ideas For Your Wedding

Custom-made or DIY your wedding door gifts! We have 16 unique wedding door gift ideas for your wedding that will totally inspire you.

Ultimate Guide To 大妗姐 "Dai Kam Jie" For Chinese Wedding

Chinese traditions can be confusing. This is the complete guide on why you need to hire a 大妗姐 "Dai Kam Jie" in a traditional Chinese marriage.

8 Romantic Places In Penang For A Surreal Wedding Proposal

There are in fact many romantic (and some hidden) places in Penang that are perfect for wedding proposals.

5 Tips You Need For A Destination Shoot

You’re getting married to the one you love and now you’re both embarking on a beautiful destination for your wedding/ pre-wedding photoshoot. Here are 5 tips to have a smoothly enjoyable destination wedding photoshoot of your dreams.

Ultimate Shopping Guide Wedding Dress For Plus Size Brides

Fear not, all you plus size sisters. You may not have that so called ‘ideal’ figure, but trust us, the perfect dress for you is out there. Follow our tips to find the perfect fit.

20 Beautiful & Easy Pose Ideas For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Can you picture some beautiful and easy pose ideas to strike during your pre-wedding photoshoot?

How The Typical Malaysian Chinese Would Spend On Weddings - Based On A Survey Of 982 Couples

Do you know what is the typical Malaysian Chinese’ spending like when it comes to a wedding? The big question for you here is, how do we decide on what to splurge on our wedding day?

10 Must-Have Essentials For Your Wedding Emergency Kit

In anticipation of all the things that can go wrong on your wedding day, it is important for a bride to have ready an emergency kit for all sorts of situations. It is easy to build your own emergency kit. In fact, all the items should be readily available at home.

Wedding Trend Of 2019 : Cotton Candy As A Bouquet

What we see everyday in typical weddings are bouquets and bouquets of flowers. Okay, flower bouquets sure are pretty. But really, have you seen a bouquet made of cotton candy? Guess not, then maybe it’s your turn to make it happen. It’s an all new thing among brides now in 2019.

16 Bridal Shower Ideas We Love

Woo hooo, you’re getting married! Before the big day though, how bout having a bridal shower? These showers are typically held by your bridesmaids, aka your female friends and relatives.

24 Inspiring Ideas You Must Include In Your Garden Wedding

24 Inspiring Ideas You Must Include In Your Garden Wedding

15 Of The Best Honeymoon Beach Resorts in SouthEast Asia

Here’s a myriad of the best honeymoon beach resorts in Southeast Asia. Any one of these locations provides a perfect, scenic getaway for newlyweds before real life settles in once more.

This Is Your Ideal Honeymoon Destination, Based On Your Horoscope

Take a read at our handpicked honeymoon destinations that best match the personality and horoscope of your spouse.

10 Creative & Affordable DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Wedding photobooths are so much fun! It’s the perfect party prop for all your guests, young and old alike.

12 Printable Wedding Invitation Templates You Can DIY

Wedding invitations give your guests an idea of what to expect for your wedding in terms of style and theme and of course, the all essential details of your wedding such as date and venue. Sure, you could just go the e-vite (electronic invitation) route, but an actual wedding invitation sends out the message that you genuinely care for the guests to come. Plus, a pretty-looking invite serves as a lovely keepsake in time to come as well

18 Modern Wedding Cake Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Cakes are synonymous with celebrations. Whenever there's a joyous occasion, cakes are always the go-to as celebratory and comfort food. Truth is, we can't live without this sweet dessert; just like how a wedding cannot be complete without a wedding cake.

7 Useful Tips For The Perfect Underwater Wedding Photography

Looking for unique wedding photos that are out of this world? Underwater photography has caught on but very few photographers are doing it at the moment.

Traditional Wedding vs Vacation Wedding

Weddings - should you do it the traditional way, or take an unconventional path? Thing is, there are no hard set rules when it comes to the type of wedding you should have.

8 Extremely Gorgeous Floral Bouquet Ideas For Wedding

Flowers are nature's most amazing beauty. Coming in assorted shapes and colours, fresh flowers bestows a delightful sense of liveliness into your wedding. Flowers are also wonderful at weddings for obvious reasons - they induce natural fragrances, spreading joy and harmony.

8 Reasons Why You Need To Consider A Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings are perfect for couples who love the outdoors. It's simple but incredibly romantic, and your guests will be sure to feel it too.

PWPA - Why Penang Is Your Ideal Wedding Destination

We wanted to discuss and learn about the unique (and hidden) qualities of Penang and why should it be a wedding destination for soon-to-be-married couples. Here’s what you should know!

These Pre Wedding Photoshoots Are Uniquely Penang

Penang, also known as Pearl of the Orient, is chock-full of pre wedding photoshoot locations that are uniquely Penang. From lush, evergreen sceneries, to the rows of classic jetties along Weld Quay, and Frog Hill that is a mini version of China’s JiuZhaiGou, there’s so much more in Penang.

Tips On Creating The Perfect Wedding Hashtag For Your Wedding

Nowadays, hashtags aren’t just for Instagram posts and Twitter. A wedding hashtag is just one of the many trends that couples are opting for in their weddings these days

16 Balloon Inspirations For A Fantastic Wedding

Have you ever thought of including balloons in your wedding? Are balloons a feature you’ve ever considered as part of a wonderful wedding? You’re in luck!

Malaysian Couple's Affordable Wedding Planned Entirely With Taobao

A Kuala Lumpur couple’s wedding has recently gone viral not only for their beautiful wedding pics, but also because of how surprisingly affordable it was. It’s an impressive feat since weddings do tend to cost a significant amount of money - kudos to the bride for her resourcefulness!

Gemstone Engagement Rings According To Your Birth Month

Yes, we’ve heard “diamond’s a girl’s best friend” far too many times. But do you know that there are other precious unique gemstones that could seriously garnish your ring finger?

22 Love Verses From The Bible To Your Wedding

The bible is after all, the greatest love story ever written.

10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding

First off, congrats on getting married! It’s finally happening. But how and where does one start? Below are our 10 vital tips on planning your wedding...

Auspicious & Lucky Wedding Dates 2020

One of the very first things to do when planning your wedding is to - set a date. When you have a date (or a few dates) for your wedding, the other elements in your planning becomes easier and more organized.

What You Need To Know From PWPA Wedding Trends Talk 2019

A big change is coming to the weddings in Penang! How do we know? Well, for starters we've just experienced the inauguration of Penang Wedding Professionals Association...

Top 10 Wedding Invitation Trends of 2019

Wedding invitations are getting more and more creative nowadays, with increasingly innovative ways. They are also the first item that reaches your guests to inform them that you are about...

20 Most Romantic Songs To Play At Your Wedding

Music is the backbone to set the tone for a wedding party. Whether it is to create romance during the walk down the aisle or heat up the party atmosphere, selecting the right songs to play at your wedding will go a long way to helping creating lasting memories for your big day...

10 Things To Discuss With Your Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Getting your look right for your wedding isn’t as simple as sitting on a makeup chair while someone works on you. There are things you need to discuss with them so that you not only get the look right, you also save your skin and hair a lot of grief after that.

Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Malaysia 2019

Pre-wedding photography – a trend originating from Asia - is alluring for many reasons, among others it allows couples to wear their beautiful wedding outfits, and capture the chemistry that flows naturally between couples madly in love.

Just Got Engaged? Here's 11 Things You Absolutely Need To Do

If you're here, that means you've just said the most magical 'YES' to the man or woman of your life! What's coming ahead? What's going to happen next? Your mind must be filled with these incredulous questions

The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

Go guys, you have decided to pop the question to your girlfriend, asking her to be your wife.

The 8 Signs That He's Definitely Going To Propose

Which lady doesn't wish for the most magical proposal? To have the love of your life to secretly and meticulously plan a proposal for you. Tucked in a nifty tuxedo, he would bring you to a posh candlelight dining with soft jazz playing in the background.

What's The Difference Between Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Bands?

Engagement Rings vs Wedding Rings or Bands. Boy meets girl, boy dates girl, after a period of getting to know each other, boy pops the question to girl with a ring and just like that, they are engaged.

13 Creative Ways To Plan Your Own Affordable Wedding

It's no surprise that planning a wedding is the most important thing to do after an engagement. If you're like most couples, a wedding is the first time you'll ever think about hosting a huge event.

3 Really Simple Steps to Plan Your Wedding ROM

You’re standing on a cliff overlooking a pristine beach. Fluffy clouds shade the sun just enough that it shines softly overhead, with the lightest touch of a breeze making up the perfect day.  Your beloved stands next to you.

What You Didn't Know About These 10 Wedding Traditions

Weddings are events that are steeped in traditions.  However, do you know how these traditions were born?

Ultimate Guide To 大妗姐 "Dai Kam Jie" For Chinese Wedding

Chinese traditions can be confusing. This is the complete guide on why you need to hire a 大妗姐 "Dai Kam Jie" in a traditional Chinese marriage.

Auspicious Wedding Days 2019

Love, communication and compromise are the most important elements in a marriage. Yet, there are certainly other factors that determines the success of a marriage.

8 Ways To Pick The Perfect Wedding Date!

Congratulations! Feels good to be engaged to the love of your life, doesn't it? So, when's the wedding? Too often, this is the first thing people ask when you're engaged. You would stutter, gasp for air and search for the answer, but really you have no idea. According

Wedding Wishes: 99 Examples of What To Write In A Wedding Card

Let me guess - your best friend, college mate or co-worker is getting married, isn't it? Oh, and you're invited, aren't you?

The Complete Guide to Get Married in Malaysia

You're admiring the engagement ring that he fitted onto your finger when he proposed. This truly is the best time of your life. You must be wondering, what's next? But just before you jump right into planning your wedding tea ceremony or wedding dinner reception, there's something else you absolutely must know.

6 Things That You Should Totally Spend Money on For Your Wedding

Let's be real. We all want the perfect wedding. A once-in-a-lifetime auspicious occasion that gathers your loved ones to witness and celebrate your marriage. Yet, if you're like most couples, you would want to cut costs wherever possible considering you have to work within a budget.

7 Incredible Hot Air Balloon Destinations for Pre-Wedding Shoot

Ever wonder how it feels like to be floating 2,000 feet in the air? Experience the chills of lifting-off and the sensation of ascending through the skies.