Write Your Wedding Vows in 5 Easy Steps

Wedding vows are the key element of a wedding, but they don’t often receive the same attention. These words will give meaning to everything else to your wedding day and if you’re up for the challenge, we’re here to help!

Malaysian Billionaire’s Son, Morvin Tan Marries Russian Girlfriend

#polinagotatan One of Vincent Tan’s sons is off the list! Congratulations Morvin and Polina!

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10 Simple Step by Step Wedding Planning

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Destination Wedding In Athens

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An Eco-Friendly Wedding at Uluwatu Surf Villas in Bali

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England House, A Cottage of Charms

Looking for an unconventional romantic spot in Penang to say your vows? Something new yet intimate? We have just the right gem for you – England House, A Cottage of Charms!

Ethereal Dreamcatcher Bridal Collection by House of Alden

“We’re all the catchers, for our dreams,” – Alden Leong. The Dreamcatcher Collection showcased a stunning array of dresses with a focus on making the brides looking absolutely ethereal!

Winter December – Penang Bridal House That Turns You Into A "Wedding Magazine Cover Superstar"

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Meeting The In-Laws Survival Guide

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Lifestyle + Emotive Wedding Photography By Steven Yam

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Unconventional Wedding Decoration Ideas You Should Think Of Adding

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Jeff & Inthira, The YouTube Pranksters Are Officially Mr. and Mrs.

Jeff and Inthira are perfect for each other, their love is evident for all to see. Congratulations to Jeff and Inthira on their wedding, wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness. Let’s spread the love together and read on! #jellychilli

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