How The Typical Malaysian Chinese Would Spend On Weddings - Based On A Survey Of 982 Couples

Do you know what is the typical Malaysian Chinese’ spending like when it comes to a wedding? The big question for you here is, how do we decide on what to splurge on our wedding day?

14 Asian Brides Before & After Their Wedding Makeup

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. From subtle and natural, to full on transformative glam, we present to you 14 Asian bridal makeup looks before and after. Prepare to be wowed!

15 Pre-Wedding Workouts For Your Wedding Dress Style

So you’ve found the perfect wedding dress for your magical day. But, you could be looking at a few more months before your wedding. You want to make sure you fit into your wedding gown perfectly and comfortably. Read on to discover what pre-wedding workouts are ideal for the wedding gown that you’ve chosen.

The Real Meaning Behind Happy 520!

Happy 520 has probably been buzzing on your social media feed today. But do you know why you’re seeing couples being all lovey dovey on this day?

A Glimpse of: The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Of Jane Chuck And Han Pin in Morocco

We’re so excited to bring you an inside look at Jane Chuck and Han Pin’s pre-wedding photoshoot in Morocco.

10 Must-Have Essentials For Your Wedding Emergency Kit

In anticipation of all the things that can go wrong on your wedding day, it is important for a bride to have ready an emergency kit for all sorts of situations. It is easy to build your own emergency kit. In fact, all the items should be readily available at home.

Buttery Skin Is Your Hottest New Makeup Trend for 2019!

Brides, watch out! There is a hot new bridal makeup trend that is sweeping across Instagram and it will potentially give glass skin a run for its money.

Wedding Trend Of 2019 : Cotton Candy As A Bouquet

What we see everyday in typical weddings are bouquets and bouquets of flowers. Okay, flower bouquets sure are pretty. But really, have you seen a bouquet made of cotton candy? Guess not, then maybe it’s your turn to make it happen. It’s an all new thing among brides now in 2019.

Macao's Casino King's 17th Son Proposes to Victoria's Secret Girlfriend

Mario Ho, casino tycoon of Macao Stanley Ho’s 17th child and youngest son, has just proposed to his model girlfriend Ming Xi in Shanghai yesterday, on 13th May 2019.

16 Bridal Shower Ideas We Love

Woo hooo, you’re getting married! Before the big day though, how bout having a bridal shower? These showers are typically held by your bridesmaids, aka your female friends and relatives.

Tun Mahathir's Beautiful Granddaugther, Ally Is Engaged

Meera Alyanna Mukhriz, the granddaughter of Malaysia's Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, was officially engaged with Ezran Daud Cheah last week.

24 Inspiring Ideas You Must Include In Your Garden Wedding

24 Inspiring Ideas You Must Include In Your Garden Wedding

15 Of The Best Honeymoon Beach Resorts in SouthEast Asia

Here’s a myriad of the best honeymoon beach resorts in Southeast Asia. Any one of these locations provides a perfect, scenic getaway for newlyweds before real life settles in once more.

This Is Your Ideal Honeymoon Destination, Based On Your Horoscope

Take a read at our handpicked honeymoon destinations that best match the personality and horoscope of your spouse.

A Rustic Pink Wedding at Awesome Canteen, Penang

Chia Ee and Jun met since primary school, and got back in contact during high school where a romantic relationship soon grew.

Get The Glow: Pre-Wedding Checklist For Smooth Skin

Did you know that it is crucial to have a pre-wedding checklist in order to achieve that incredibly smooth and clear skin? Here we have listed the top few things you have to do in the 6 months before your wedding day to shine, brighter than ever.

10 Creative & Affordable DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Wedding photobooths are so much fun! It’s the perfect party prop for all your guests, young and old alike.

BREAKING NEWS: Facebook Dating Is Now Available In Malaysia

Facebook has announced the expansion of its Facebook Dating feature and Malaysia is in the list of the 14 new countries!

#BridalgramMoment Wedding Giveaway

Luck or love? Why pick one when you can have both? Introducing the opportunity of a lifetime, Bridalgram is giving away a complete bridal package worth RM30,000 to one very lucky couple. It’s all really happening! From highly-acclaimed decor stylist, makeup artist, photographer to bridal house - indulge in all your wedding needs for absolutely FREE!

12 Printable Wedding Invitation Templates You Can DIY

Wedding invitations give your guests an idea of what to expect for your wedding in terms of style and theme and of course, the all essential details of your wedding such as date and venue. Sure, you could just go the e-vite (electronic invitation) route, but an actual wedding invitation sends out the message that you genuinely care for the guests to come. Plus, a pretty-looking invite serves as a lovely keepsake in time to come as well

Top 11 Bridal Makeup Trends of 2019 For Malaysians

From complexion to brows, eyes to lips, contour to glow kits. We all know how makeup visualizes a massive transformation for every woman. Just as the saying goes, “There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.”

Wedding Detox Diet: How To Massively Lose Weight In 14 Days

Weight has always been a bodily concern that nearly every woman (even normal to underweight) frets about. Ladies, let’s be honest. We all want to lose weight and look slim.

18 Modern Wedding Cake Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Cakes are synonymous with celebrations. Whenever there's a joyous occasion, cakes are always the go-to as celebratory and comfort food. Truth is, we can't live without this sweet dessert; just like how a wedding cannot be complete without a wedding cake.

A Luminous White Glass House Wedding At The Skye

The lovely couple Rasyid and Nadia’s wedding was The Skye’s first Malay wedding and it was a beautiful affair for sure. The bride wore a modest floor length white gown with long sleeves and an embroidered lace veil. Her hands were painted with white henna, and she also had on pearl drop earrings. The bride looked simply effervescent.