A Classical And Heritage-Themed Wedding In Georgetown Penang

Yoon and Grange’s love has spanned for over a decade, and they had made up their mind early on to not get married and just grow old together. However, in their words, “We guess, never say never! It just felt right to finally make it official through marriage.” Yoon is a flight stewardess with Singapore Airlines, while Grange is a pilot with Scoot.

7 Useful Tips For The Perfect Underwater Wedding Photography

Looking for unique wedding photos that are out of this world? Underwater photography has caught on but very few photographers are doing it at the moment.

Traditional Wedding vs Vacation Wedding

Weddings - should you do it the traditional way, or take an unconventional path? Thing is, there are no hard set rules when it comes to the type of wedding you should have.

Complete The Look: 30 Elegant Wedding Nail Art You Definitely Need

But no bridal look is truly complete, not without adding one final touch - a pair of elegant wedding nails. In fact, sparkling nail polish amplifies the beauty of your engagement ring and wedding bouquet.

8 Extremely Gorgeous Floral Bouquet Ideas For Wedding

Flowers are nature's most amazing beauty. Coming in assorted shapes and colours, fresh flowers bestows a delightful sense of liveliness into your wedding. Flowers are also wonderful at weddings for obvious reasons - they induce natural fragrances, spreading joy and harmony.

8 Reasons Why You Need To Consider A Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings are perfect for couples who love the outdoors. It's simple but incredibly romantic, and your guests will be sure to feel it too.

The Auspicious Symbols Of A Chinese Wedding Dress

Brides who don the traditional Chinese wedding dress always look like royalty. The traditional Chinese wedding dress looks so regal with its bright red color and elaborate embroidery

PWPA - Why Penang Is Your Ideal Wedding Destination

We wanted to discuss and learn about the unique (and hidden) qualities of Penang and why should it be a wedding destination for soon-to-be-married couples. Here’s what you should know!

A Whimsical Christmas Wedding At Setia Spice, Penang

The experience was surreal! When we walked down the aisle, everything just felt so right. It was simply beautiful knowing that everything I’ve planned since a year ago is being materialized - seeing the cheerful faces of my friends and family confirms it,

These Pre Wedding Photoshoots Are Uniquely Penang

Penang, also known as Pearl of the Orient, is chock-full of pre wedding photoshoot locations that are uniquely Penang. From lush, evergreen sceneries, to the rows of classic jetties along Weld Quay, and Frog Hill that is a mini version of China’s JiuZhaiGou, there’s so much more in Penang.

Tips On Creating The Perfect Wedding Hashtag For Your Wedding

Nowadays, hashtags aren’t just for Instagram posts and Twitter. A wedding hashtag is just one of the many trends that couples are opting for in their weddings these days

An Elegant Red & White Wedding at The Danna, Langkawi

William and Carissa have known each other since childhood, but it wasn’t until their college years where they both pursued their studies in Australia that a romance between them began to blossom.

16 Balloon Inspirations For A Fantastic Wedding

Have you ever thought of including balloons in your wedding? Are balloons a feature you’ve ever considered as part of a wonderful wedding? You’re in luck!

Esther Zhen's Surprise Wedding Proposal

You’ve read about her beautiful Twilight-inspired wedding, but do you know the beautiful planning behind Esther Zhen’s marriage proposal

Malaysian Couple's Affordable Wedding Planned Entirely With Taobao

A Kuala Lumpur couple’s wedding has recently gone viral not only for their beautiful wedding pics, but also because of how surprisingly affordable it was. It’s an impressive feat since weddings do tend to cost a significant amount of money - kudos to the bride for her resourcefulness!

6 Must-Know Wedding Shoes Trends For 2019

You may not think too much about it, but the shoes you wear on your wedding day is also an important thing to consider.

Gemstone Engagement Rings According To Your Birth Month

Yes, we’ve heard “diamond’s a girl’s best friend” far too many times. But do you know that there are other precious unique gemstones that could seriously garnish your ring finger?

22 Love Verses From The Bible To Your Wedding

The bible is after all, the greatest love story ever written.

A Magnetic Garden Wedding at Botanica Mansion Penang

Our relationship has been a long-distance one for the most part, until the day we got married. LDR was never easy, but we’ve always made it through.

The 10 Most Insanely Extravagant Celebrity Engagement Rings

Check out our list of the most extravagant engagement rings that ever adorn the fingers of these stars. We certainly hope the marriage last as long as the price tags of these rings.

Pika Pika! A Pokemon-Themed Wedding by Escrit Japan

Pokemon and Pikachu fans, rejoice! Escrit, a Japan-based wedding planning company, has recently come out with a Pokemon-themed wedding package. From wedding decorations, mock wedding certificates...

Esther Zhen's Majestic Twilight-Inspired Wedding

It all first started with Johnson proposing to Esther at the beach back in September 2017. There were musicians (violinists to be precise), cameramen and fireworks - even jet skis were involved! Fast forward a year later...

Estimate the cost of your wedding with this wedding cost calculator by Bridalgram!

Estimate the cost of your wedding with this wedding cost calculator by Bridalgram!

7 Ways To Build A Great Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law

Mother-in-laws have always had a bad rap in marriage folklore. Stories of competition, inconvenience and playing victim abound in the community. You're proud of your own mothers, and certainly love her dearly...