10 Things To Do Instead of Wedding Planning This Month

By: Angelynn Teh | April 17, 2020 | in Planning Tips, Trending

Planning for your wedding is never a walk in the park. If your original wedding date happens to be amid the Covid-19 pandemic and movement restriction, then it’s better to eliminate any wedding plans for the moment as the duration for movement restriction in our country is uncertain. This might sound blasphemous coming from us, but just lay your trust in us. Don’t let the rescheduled-wedding planning stress get the best of you. Occupying yourself with these things when you’re stuck at home will help you take your mind off of all unnecessary pre-wedding worries and stress, NOT adding them.

We know we can’t possibly just tell you to ‘forget’ about planning your wedding. So here’s how it works. Instead of a complete moratorium, do these activities as part of your self-care / self-development regime. 


1. Start reading a new book

With your wedding planning pushed aside and being stuck home, you have all the time in the world! Remember the books you bought back in the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale? Or the novels you have downloaded on your Kindle? Well, it’s time to pick it up and start reading! Get lost in the pages. If you are an environment-conscious person or have recycled your old books, start supporting your reading habit again by reading free ebooks on websites like Novel 24, Bookbub or 24 Symbols. Let your inner Disney princess Belle out!


2. Start on a journal

You may have stopped using a diary once you reached adulthood, but journaling is suitable for people of all ages. Journaling offers a private space for you to filter your thoughts and emotions; lets you gain control of them and improve your mental health. You’ll be amazed by how wonderful it feels to transfer your thoughts and emotions onto paper through the tip of your pen. You can also use this time to write love notes, wedding vows and express your gratitude for your betrothed.

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3. Clean your living space

Put your hair up in a bun and bring out the cleaning essentials, because it’s about to go down! Release your stress by focusing on scrubbing the floors and wiping the top shelves. Having a clean and organized living space helps you to not misplace something that you need for your wedding days like your precious go-to wedding folder or list. We swear, cleaning and reorganizing is insanely therapeutic! Plus, with the ongoing pandemic, it’s better to clean and keep your house germ-free to prevent the spread of coronavirus and any other virus. 

Important Tip: Make sure to regularly clean the surfaces you touch most often to reduce the likelihood of the virus transferring to your hands.


4. Detox your wardrobe

Consider this task essential if you are preparing to move in with your future spouse. Consolidating your closet space is a big adjustment (especially for the ladies) so make sure you declutter and organize “your side” by donating or selling your old clothes, or anything that you haven't worn in the past years. You will feel like a brand new person (who’s ready to get married) after you’ve cleared out your closet and colour coordinate your clothes. 


5. Sweat it out

Time to get up from that couch and start sweating! Many fitness experts/YouTubers, apps and studios are doing their part to help us stay in shape during this quarantine period. So there’s no excuse for you to not squeeze in some time and do home-workouts. Focus on sweating so much that your sweat has washed away all your pre-wedding stress and worries. You either come out from quarantine looking super ripped for your wedding or in dire need of a diet — your choice! If you’re not a fan of intense workouts, say “ohm” and give yoga a try. 


6. Prioritize your skin regime

Glowing skin is the result of proper skincare. Every bride (and groom) wants healthy skin and looks like a million bucks during their wedding. So, use this month to focus on your beauty routine. Try out that new expensive serum you bought last month, keeping in mind to not over-experiment with too many new beauty products. Spend extra time to do some exfoliation on your face, apply sheet masks, moisturise, massage your face daily and so on. You can also wipe your cosmetic bottles while checking for the expiration dates. The most important tip in bettering your skin is to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps in flushing out toxins from your body and improving your complexion. Also, get enough beauty sleep!

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7. Binge a TV show or movie

Curl up on the sofa in your pyjamas and queue up all your favourite movies or K-dramas. We recommend watching the comedy genre because there’s no better way to de-stress than with a good laugh! Throw in a face mask, eat some potato chips or make some homemade popcorn in the mix for the ultimate stress-free movie night. Honey, just pamper yourself!


8. Listen to new music

Do not make any music selections for your wedding or engage your wedding band yet! Try scoping out playlists for potential options. Broaden your musical horizons by checking out the latest hits through the radio, or the underrated indie playlists on Spotify. Create playlists containing music genres that only you love — from Classical music to R&B, Pop to Heavy Metal. All these are just for you and only you. 

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9. Do arts and crafts

Don’t worry if you are unable to channel your inner Picasso, activities like painting, calligraphy, knitting, compiling photos of you and your family/friends/fiancé are some of the great alternatives to allow your creative side to shine. Trying on a new art project not only helps in getting your mind off the pre-wedding stress, but you’d surprise yourself (and fiancé) with a newfound talent. Who knows, you might save up the cost by D.I.Y your own thank you cards.



10. Daydream about the big day.

Though it might be torturous for you to prohibit yourself from making any pre-wedding plans and adjustments, just because your wedding planning is on hold, doesn’t mean you can’t happily fantasise about it! Let’s be honest, it's just too exciting to not think about it constantly. No lady in the world does not look forward to her big day; standing proudly in front of her loved ones as she looks into the eyes of the one promising to love her forever. You have everything else to look forward to, but don’t put these thoughts into action yet. Your health and safety are far more important and it’s better to give yourself a much-needed break and focus on yourself. You'll feel more refreshed when you pick back up when the pandemic is over. Your soul, mind and body will thank you for this!

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