Top 2020 Wedding Colour Trends That Will Make A Statement

By: Clara Ling | January 08, 2020 | in Planning Tips, Trending, Ceremony & Reception


Top 10 Wedding Colour Trends For 2020

Picking your wedding theme colour is indeed a super important highlight when you plan your wedding. Why? It does not just speak about your personality, it helps set the tone as to what guests should expect from the wedding. Your wedding theme colour also draws a baseline as to how you are going to continue planning your wedding. It’ll give you an idea where to set your wedding venue, decorations, your wedding dress, stationeries and in fact everything about your wedding that matters. The possibilities to picking the right wedding colour tone that suits you as a couple is actually an art. So here what we have for you: a list of the top trending wedding colours that’ll make heads turn and hearts skip a beat at your wedding. 

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1. Sea Glass Neo-Mint

Let’s get back to nature. Neo-mint is currently becoming a hit in the design world. Gender-neutral, alluring, soft and romantic, neo-mint is definitely the next award-winning colour for 2020’s top wedding colour trends. It’s versatile yet elegant, fresh and harmonic, offering options for budget friendly weddings including succulent themed wedding plants which made a huge comeback in the past one year. 

Couples who opt for neo-mint as their wedding colour can choose to add darker and richer shades such as hunter green, emerald green and forest green which complements the neo-mint colour palette well. Slightly richer hues such as dusty rose, brown, rose gold may also help finish the au natural and refined look.




2. Mauve-Cassis 

Youthful, romantic, juicy and feminine, the mauve-cassis wedding colour trend will be the next “in-thing” this year. Providing a touch of royalty, grandeur and sophistication, this wedding colour understands the elegant combination between luxury and beauty. This wedding colour goes really well with glistening gold in a grand wedding setting fit for a princess and a prince. In case if gold is a little too much, try combining these colour tones with a touch of soft orange or luscious greens to create a dreamy effect. 



3. Terracotta with Champagne

Imagine this: crackling firewood, woody aromas, a dash of cinnamon spice and glimpses of beautiful pumpkin carvings. Terracotta is a shade of brown, lying more towards warm spicy tones that fits really well with organic greens, white ranunculus, deep red and blush roses, eucalyptus, cranberries, and fern leaves which are great centerpiece and bouquet options - perfect for a rustic looking wedding. Some couples would love to go all the way by using dried flowers with a little twist of gold or champagne hue. 



4. Teal and Orange

Talk about a pretty wedding! Teal and Orange is making a huge trendy wave. The best thing is, not many couples have tried this colour trend before for weddings. You could be the first. This combination of cool and spicy hue just couldn’t be any more perfect for a bright, happy wedding. If the colour combination is a little too bold for you, consider adding soft shades of peach to increase a delicate and slightly feminine look. A sky-inspired blue adds the perfect zest to this 2020 wedding colour trend otherwise, a mellow palette will create a perfect balance and harmony for this wedding colour trend. 



5. Merlot, Burgundy with Graceful Black

Dazzle me, dazzle me, dazzle me! Bring on the drama with a sense of merlot, burgundy and black! This perfect wedding colour combination may seem all dark and mysterious, but with a dash of ivory and gold, it’ll create a huge “Great Gatsby” impact on your theme. Black and ivory will forever be timeless, with rich merlot and strong burgundy accents, it adds a high-class mood and a melodramatic effect to your wedding. This 2020 wedding colour trend will make a huge mark on the wedding industry this year and the next! 



6. Icy Silver-Grey 

What about having different shades of grey at your wedding? No, we aren’t talking about bringing in the movie to your wedding. We’re talking about creating a winter-looking wedding theme using a shade of 2020’s next trending wedding colour: silver and grey. There’s nothing wrong with toning down your colour palette with cool neutrals to create a winter-like wedding. Infuse this wedding colour with rich textures, metallic elements, small, delicate flowers and dramatic decorations. 




7. Misty Dusty Blue

Another gorgeous wedding trend colour for 2020 is the winter palette which combines palettes of blue as the headliner. Combining it with red and green will definitely add more vibes to your wedding theme. Adding dark blue, deep red of burgundy will help create a classic “Beauty and The Beast” effect. Green, light blue, white and ivory on the other hand helps lighten the hue to create a winter effect. Think about a cool blue gown for your wedding. Why not?



8. Citrus Coral 

Sweet as the sunset along Malaysia’s beaches, coral is the next top wedding colour trend for year 2020 that is simply breathtaking. Coral and a hint of blush pink intertwined with a soft green palette and blues creates a whimsical fresh look that is ultimately sophisticated for couples who love a combination of fresh romance. Say cheers to a glass of signature cocktail of mocktail to your style as a couple!



9. Dewdrop Nude Beige 

Nude’s not that boring after all. A vintage medley of sage and pink juxtaposed together in a way that revives the days gone by. Think romantic neutrals coming to life under a serene sky. This mellow wedding colour trend is a great offer to couples who love an antique flair at their wedding. Speaking of classic romance - this is a wedding colour trend to try out!



10. Mellow Yellow 

Yellow? You’re joking right? No we’re not. We’re talking about a playful shade of yellow. Mellow yellow is the next trend! Psychologically, yellow is the strongest colour because it’s always noticeable. It stimulates creativity and mental activity. Though uncommon for weddings, we’ve got to say, move aside, blush pink. Yellow mellow is taking over your place as the next top wedding colour in 2020. 



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Wow! Just look at these wedding colours. Aren’t they beautiful? So we mentioned earlier that wedding colours are important because it’ll help you create the mood, set the tone and planning for your entire wedding. If you’re unsure which one is best, just simply refer to your wedding planner for suggestions or take a look at your wedding venue and start visualising what looks best for your big day. It’s not that hard. Most importantly, have fun picking the colours!