7 Ways To Look Slimmer In Your Wedding Dress

By: Angelynn Teh | May 28, 2020 | in Beauty & Wellness, Fashion, Trending

You are on your way to your happily ever after and you must be psyched to adorn that wedding dress. Being a bride is no easy task, apart from handling every little-big wedding preps and checklists, you need to make sure you look your stylish best during your big day too. Your purpose of wearing the right wedding dress is not only to feel beautiful but to also impress every wedding guest. (wink wink!) The struggle is real. But fret not! We’ll be featuring real brides from Joie*Z Bridal Gallery, a well-known wedding dress boutique from Penang just to give you that extra confidence.

Here are 7 unfailing ways to make you look slim, stunning and fitted perfectly in that wedding dress!

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1. Pick the Right Wedding Dress

One of the most important secrets to looking slimmer in your wedding dress is to always pick the right wedding dress. Before you even choose the wedding dress you want to wear, take some time and study your body type. Try to recognize all the problem areas that need to be worked upon. Then, look for a gown that gives you comfort and at the same time suits your body figure. Wear a wedding dress that can highlight the good in your body and not over-hide anything or accentuate your fats. You probably have seen celebrity weddings and admired how perfect the brides looked in their wedding dress. But their radiance doesn’t just come from a dolled up face ― it is wearing the wedding dress that hugs their curves without making them look overwhelming!

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2. Add Ons!

If you think layering more will make you appear as you’ve added on a few pounds, you’re wrong! Adding gorgeous belts or silk sashes are an amazingly simple way to emphasize your waistline. It's important to know your body and consider which area of your torso you want to accentuate. Place beaded/sequined belts or a silk sash across your natural waistline, under your bust-line or across the dropped waistline. Get your seamstress to attach it for you once you’ve found and confirmed that most flattering spot. Don’t be afraid to play around and experiment with new things that might work for your body shape in your beautiful dress! 


3. Parade With The Right Material

When shopping for your wedding dress, brides often don't realize that the material and fabric of the dress makes a real difference; it either makes the body look lovely or dominates the beauty of the body shape. Net fabrics are the classic top picks for all brides. Crepe, chinon chiffon, georgettes or any soft fabrics are the ultimate to go as these flowy fabrics are great in helping brides to cover up brides’ problem areas. If you’re not confident in wearing materials that would hug and show the shape of your body, avoid dresses that have a lot of sheens like satin and raw silk.

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4. Be Particular About The Details

We know getting married is an exciting once in a lifetime event, but it does not necessarily mean you have to go overboard with the dress’ detailing. Elaborated embroideries and too many embellishments are the least to make brides appear slim. Instead, choose delicate embroideries and embellishments for your dress. Brides need to focus and get their body measurements right so that they would know which part of the dress needs more detail, which part does not.  With the right amount of embellishments and details on the wedding dress, brides can instantly look much slimmer.


5. Settle For The Right Colours 

Opting for contrasting, bright colours for your wedding dress is completely fine. Make sure to make it a point to understand your body shape & skin tone first, then only step ahead to experiment with the desired colour for your wedding dress. It is important to do so and to choose the right colours according to the colour wheel to not add all the extra weight to your look. Be as picky as you can! Once you found the right colour, be smart and adhere to that one colour family. Colours such as blue, purple and red will make brides appear richly beautiful and the extra fats on your body are barely noticeable. Plus, it brightens up your skin tone and complexion!

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6. Get The Right Accessories/Jewellery

Bling bling! Yes, pieces of jewellery and accessories play a major role in helping brides to look slimmer in their wedding dress during the big day. So dear brides, don’t skip choosing your bridal jewels without keeping your face shape and the neckline of your dress in mind. Simple and fragile accessories are encouraged as it makes you look more charming and graceful. Refrain loud accessories because they can make you look all the more round, they are less figure-flattering. Brides are also encouraged to pick tiny and delicate designs for the earrings and chain.


7. Heels For The Win

Do you know why it is a must for brides to wear heels? Not only does it make the bride look taller beside her groom, but their postures will naturally change too! Heels do wonders to the brides’ posture. Due to the weight that is supported by the tip of the feet, the brides’ standing posture would appear a lot straighter. Heels can elongate the brides’ frame as it slightly stretches their muscles and legs, giving a slimmer silhouette. But with all that said, it doesn’t mean that you should wear extreme stilettos that make you look tall while potentially severing your legs. You wouldn’t want to be a laughing stock on your big day; giving the ground your very first kiss instead of your excited groom! So, choose and wear comfortable heels during your wedding day. Not only will you achieve a slimmer, leaner appearance, but you also won’t run the risk of hurting yourself. 

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It is not true that you have to be skinny to look beautiful in a wedding dress. But we understand that brides tend to be worried about looking a little on the flabby side when it comes to wedding dresses. So dear brides, remember to go for fittings, get good alterations, sit and stand straight every single minute you are in that dress! Follow these tips and you’ll look as beautiful as you ever did. Most importantly, be confident! You are beautiful just the way you are. Don’t just hide your problem areas, embrace them, be proud of your body. Chin up, your majesty! 


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