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By: Clara Ling | November 13, 2019 | in Real Wedding, Planning Tips, Trending, Ceremony & Reception

So you’ve heard it perhaps from some people telling you how stressful photoshoots can be. Of course with the many choices of photographers we have around, wedding photography can be pretty stressful especially for couples who have no experience in picking the right photographer. Or maybe you have an idea but you may not be able to find “the one”. And once you’ve got that figured out, the next thing, how are you going to craft your story through photography? Will the photographer be able to create a story that flaunts your personality? How about dancing down a bridal memory lane at Joie*Z Bridal? This bridal house in Penang will provide you with a stress-free experience. 

So just before you say “I do” to your future spouse, you have to say “yes” to your photographer first. Fall in love at first sight again here at Joie*Z Bridal House. Ready to find out? 

Connecting Well With Your Personality

One common struggle that many couples face during photoshoot sessions is the inability to picture or imagine how to help photographers understand what they want. While some other couples worry if the photographer is able to capture their personality. After all, you have selected the attire that speaks of who you are, you don’t want your photographer to ruin it. What if we tell you that it’s all handled? Just pick a gown, don’t worry and just snap your shots. 

Founded in 2010, Joie*Z Bridal is the pioneer in starting this trend - bringing daily essential activities into pre-wedding shots. For instance, if the groom loves astronomy, they'll use a telescope as props. This way, you’re not being forced into posing for something you’re not or even feel like you’re missing something out. 

Timeless Photography

So you do want your future grandkids to love and admire your wedding right? You do not want them to go “Eww, this looks old”. While vintage looking attire and photography is kinda cute, you would want to opt for something safe that spells out your memories together. 

Joie*Z Bridal House’s most popular shots would be the street shot or public place photography (For example, Starbucks, Aquarium, etc) to help craft a  natural or timeless memory for couples. Imagine passing by these places and all your sweet memories rekindled in seconds. Isn’t that beautiful?

Personal Touch

At Joie*Z Bridal House, they believe that very customer is different.  They'll start of by interviewing clients and understanding what their profession is, their love story and every detail they need in order to understand the both of you before proposing what photography style suits you. 

Believe it or not, the crew here also has high observational skills to see which facial side compliments your look. Now this one skill that not many people know how to observe. It requires a sharp eye and high skills. What style do you like? Just name it. Can you imagine a personalised wedding photography just for you? We can! 

Experience Of A Lifetime

Zac, Joie*Z Bridal House’s photographer has 13 years of experience in photography. According to his predictions, the Minimalist style for instance, minimal backdrop and focus on the expression will make a huge comeback. The days of a formal and traditional weddings are slowly being more at ease  with more increase of relaxed and informal wedding styles taking place. Couples look to celebrate in a more relaxed and sociable way, focusing more on relationships and less about the details. 

Hence, this trend is expected to make a huge wave in the coming years as well on photography. Instead of posing for every picture and going only for larger-than-life shots, pictures of the both of you laughing, crying, hugging, anything at all that will capture your emotional journey will serve well as memorabilia for your great grandchildren one day.

Crafting The Memory You Want

So why zero-stress? Why even bother? Because the more stressed out you are during your photoshoot, the harder it is to get what you want.  Wedding photoshoot sessions can be quite boring and tiring too especially physically and mentally. Thus, Joie*Z Bridal House offers relaxed and personalized photography for couples. The best part is there are no-hidden costs! You can get what you want at an affordable premium. 

Believing that marriage is simple and weddings should be simple too, this bridal house practises “zero-stress and hassle-free” philosophy. How so? Marriage is in fact not too complicated as long as the both of you learn to communicate well with each other and continue to love endlessly. And weddings are not that hard when you get the right people to do the right thing for you. 

Joie*Z Bridal House is committed to ensuring every customer enjoys a friendly personalised service in a comfortable and relaxed surrounding. There’s literally no need to worry. As hinted, Joie*Z Bridal House also offers a wide selection of beautiful bridal gowns for you to try on. You definitely must pay a visit here and speak to their friendly staff.  

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