Best Wedding Themes For Year 2020

By: Clara Ling | November 08, 2019 | in Planning Tips, Trending, Decor, Ceremony & Reception

Isn’t it just great to have your wedding in 2020 on such a beautiful year? Many couples are opting to have their year 2020 wedding on certain special dates. While 2019 is slowly coming to an end, perhaps you’ve just been proposed to and that’s why you’re clicking onto this page because you’ve no idea where to start. Or you could be one of the future brides. And guess what this means? A whole new year of incredible looking wedding themes! 

We’re here to tell you that you’re still in time to plan for your 2020 wedding theme. So to make your job easier, we have compiled a list of top trending wedding themes for year 2020 for you to even consider making it happen with a twist of creativity. 



1. Bohemian Theme

Gone are the days where all princesses with puffy ball gowns and oh-so-long drooping wedding trains arrive at the chapel doors. Brides are opting for more bohemian looking vibes written on their wedding day. The bohemian theme is perfect for carefree,bold and free-spirited brides who want to add elegance with a touch of romance at their weddings. This top wedding theme for 2020 is all about enhancing nature with colours that either complement or speaks boldly about the couple. It definitely helps create a more city-inspired and modern look with a totally organic feel. Think about having dream catchers, succulents or even string-like tassels as part of your decoration.

Couples who would love to achieve this theme may want to consider a more lacy, nude coloured combination with a touch of green and white. Attire wise, do add on something lacy or flowy with either white or beige that isn’t too flaunting. You could even consider letting your hair down for brides and add on a floral crown to match this wedding theme. 



2. Moroccan Theme 

Yes, we get it. The Moroccan theme has been trending when it comes to kitchen and interior design. But what about considering it as part of your wedding theme for 2020? The best part of choosing a Moroccon theme besides the fact that it’s beautiful patterns being so stunning is that you can really go all out for it without ruining its design or you can also choose to keep it simple.

The amazing thing about Moroccan-themed weddings is that couples do not have to worry about overdoing it or mismatching colour combinations. You can choose to go towards the extreme maximalism or keep it minimal. The beautiful part is that you can combine greens with dashing and bold patterns and colours without ruining its design. 

To start of, consider adding natural looking items such as baskets, patterned pillows and cutleries, strings of ribbons, clay vases, antique lanterns and Arabic carpets. Though you may exaggerate a little bit more if you’re trying this theme out, take our little piece of advice by also setting a wedding theme colour. For instance, a combination of beige or cream with red, orange and green will help pull this look off really well. This unique 2020 wedding theme is certainly for you to try! 




3. Cool Coloured Theme

What comes into your mind when you think about cool? The colour blue? Right. Kinda. But when we say cool coloured wedding theme for 2020, we’re talking about taking the colour white to the next level! We’re talking about something fresh and elegant. A wedding with elegant winery settings, all white decorations and attire with a mixture of luxurious floral  designs is what it takes to create this 2020 wedding theme. White has always been a great combination with lush greenery but now we’re talking about combining white with all really cool pastel-like colours such as nude beige, which is a perfect colour to craft this look. 

Start planning this theme by having white (obviously) in your mind. Think of white flowers, white draping chiffons and add a little light beige to add elegance to it. Sprinkle your wedding with orange fairy lights to add a little twinkle and magic. Attire wise, think about something loose and cool like having a white jumpsuit instead of a dress accompanied with a cool straw hat and white shorts on the groom’s end. 




4. Wanderlust Theme

Wanderlust - you must be thinking about your destination wedding. Well, we don’t literally mean that and neither do we mean having a travel-inspired piece of decoration. Of course, this is something you can consider. What we mean by having a wanderlust theme as part of your 2020 wedding theme will be less about decoration and more about embracing and enhancing an epic locale. 

To start of, think about weddings on cliffs, overlooking scenic mountains or waterfalls or even in the heart of city streets. Having said this, there’s no need for you to spend too much on decorating the place but simply allow its surrounding to speak out. A minimal decoration is needed of course to enhance the space but consider matching it to the place you have selected. 



5. Vintage Rock “n” Roll Theme

Are you our favourite bombshell bride just yet? While vintage-looking weddings are still very much a thing these days, the top trending wedding theme for 2020 is to add a little twist of rock “n” roll vibe to it. Dance and celebrate your nuptials to Dancing Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody and other 70s hits. This vintage rock “n” roll theme wedding is combination of vintage and country decor with nude and leather details while adding a touch of classic elements to evoke this golden era of time and music. 

While this 2020 wedding theme may seem rather bizarre, we certainly recommend couples to try this fun theme especially if you both are music fans and don’t mind your guests jiving around till the clock turns upside down! 



6. Tropical Theme 

This never gets old! A tropical wedding theme in this tropical weather. Something safe, sweet and welcoming for couples who like it warm and nice. Tropical theme is going to make a huge walk in for year 2020. Think about a luxurious and lavish tropical twist with an organic, natural feel by the beach perhaps? 

Of course, this wedding theme can also be achieved indoors by adding more decoration details such as palm, other greens and bold coloured florals. We love our botanics, especially Monstera-inspired designs! To make this tropical theme work, just simply add a little tropical twist to it by playing around with its colour combination. Think gold accents, lush florals and luxurious textures with a hint of green. 

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7. Fairytale Theme

Remember the time where you always dreamed of becoming a princess? How about bringing it to reality? You can dance and jive to your Whole New World (can you hear us singing it to your ears?). Fairytale themes are making such a hit these days especially with all enchanted wedding venues you can find around. Take a dreamlike stroll down your new journey with your spouse and submerge into the beauty of being in a magical reality for a day!

This 2020 wedding theme can be achieved by firstly, deciding on the fairytale theme that you like. Aladdin, Cinderella, Frozen, Alice In Wonderland, you name it. Then, simply head over to any wedding decorator near you and start discussing details. Remember to be decisive on what you want. For a little gist of how it’ll look like, check out these decorations by What A Bash



8. Modern Red

Who says red is only for Chinese people? But seriously, a red wedding theme decoration can look really gorgeous and elegant! This 2020 wedding theme is suitable for couples who are sexy, confident, and fun. Think about playing around with the different shades of red. 

To achieve this sexy yet modern vibe, play around with colours that go well with it. If you’re concerned that things will turn out a little too red, simply match it with softer colours or go glittery with gold to create a midas touch.



9. Oriental Theme

So many brides and grooms these days shun away from Oriental wedding themes. Why so? Well from what we gather, it’s just simply too traditional. But hey! Before you jump into this conclusion, you could be the princess of China by trying out a new revamped version of the Oriental theme. 

Trust us, you can certainly pull off this Oriental theme by adding a touch of class, modernity and elegance. Papers are so out these days not to mention that we’re trying to cut down on deforestation. How about using glass-like lanterns, peranakan style china with a simple swipe of Japanese-styled wooden umbrellas and Ukiyo-E prints? Check out these ideas. 



So now you’re good to go and kick start your wedding theme selection for 2020. While all these are really brilliant ideas for you to try, don’t forget to also discuss with your wedding planner if this look is achievable for your wedding venue. Certain wedding venues will look better when it caters to a certain specific style.  You do not want to steal away its original design and ambience it's meant to create. But don’t worry about it. With all these top trending wedding themes for 2020, you can always pick one and try out!