Malaysian Couple Married in ‘Drive-Thru’ Ceremony Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

By: Angelynn Teh | March 31, 2020 | in Real Wedding, Trending

PETALING JAYA: While most lovebirds had to postpone their weddings due to the Covid-19 outbreak, one couple decided to tie the knot in a “drive-thru” ceremony. With a post of 4,700 likes, 7,700 comments and was 11 thousand times shared on social media, a local Malay bridal couple went viral after their wedding shots were uploaded online by their bridal organizer, Dinas Bridal on Monday (16/03/2020). The couple had their wedding in such a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, ensuring everyone’s safety.

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The wedding was held without any physical contact between the guests and the bride and groom. Guests drove by and greeted the couple in their vehicle while the couple stood in front of the wedding decors, responding with a smile to their guests, hand placed on their chests, showing sincere appreciation. There was no dining table, but the bride and groom handed out food packets to their guests in their cars. An envelope donation box was also prepared right in front of the couple for generous guests. We found such a way to celebrate the union of two lovebirds innovative and it proved that love has zero boundaries! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Many drew inspiration from the viral post not just from a safety aspect in the pandemic, but also for being cost-effective. Others, on the other hand, commented that such a wedding would always be remembered because of its authenticity. The viral post also advised, “Reduce contact in open places because we (Dinas Bridal) care.”

Shoutout to the couple for managing to have their wedding be “pandemic-friendly” and being extremely considerate to their guests, and also Dinas Bridal for making it happen! But keep in mind that social-distancing should be practised and there will be no more mass gatherings until further notice, fellas!

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Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Planner: Dinas Bridal 

Photographer: Zenuz Production 


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