Stunning Bridal Makeup Colour Combinations

By: Angelynn Teh | May 22, 2020 | in Beauty & Wellness

Bridal makeup is a miraculous thing; it's all about striking the perfect balance between the colours and your face! The right beauty techniques and colours can transform brides in extraordinary ways. To get perfect makeup results, the colour combination needs to be in sync and spot-on, accentuating your features. Especially on your eyes and your lips as it is where the most amount of colour will be put on. Ahead are the loveliest, aisle-appropriate and makeup artist-approved timeless colour combination — made up of eyeshadows, cheeks and a lip that you can never go wrong with. You might want to sit tight and take notes on this as it comes with bonus tips you never thought you needed!

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Bone Eyes, Terracotta Cheeks and Red Lips

Bone colour is similar to soft grey with a touch of green undertone. It is softer than the old white colour. Having bone-white eyeshadow swept on the lids is just nostalgic and heavenly as white eyeshadows have been trendy since the 90s! Bone eyes look incredibly regal when it’s tied with terracotta-coloured blush and a cherry red sheer lipstick. This chic pairing is perfect if you’re throwing a glamorous black tie wedding! 

Tip: Terracotta blush gives the best sun-kissed glow to your face. If you’re unable to find terracotta blush, opt for blush colours like clay, salmon, or light sandstone. Or any blush that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone.



Smokey Grey Eyes, Peach Blush and Nude Lip

Smokey eyes are the classic and timeless beauty look. Smokey eyes are great in emphasizing and enlarging the eyes, making your face look more balanced and proportionate! Blend your lid and lash line using the palest slate colour to the darkest shimmery grey shade, creating the ideal soft-yet-dramatic ombre smokey eye. Such a bold and sultry eye look goes best with soft peachy, tangerine blush; adding on elegant touches on your face. Applying a nude lip colour would help offset the smokey eye effect, ensuring your overall look wouldn’t look like it’s overdone or heavy. 

Tip: Replace eyeliners by applying black shade eyeshadow on the upper lash line for a more dramatic yet understated bridal makeup look. 

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Shimmery Beige Eyes, Pink Blush and Wine-Stained Lips

Glimmery, shimmery nude eyeshadows are every brides’ favourite go-to nude eye look. Beige eye looks are neutral and softly bold thus you can never look bored when you pair it with baby pink cheeks! Baby pink blushes suit most for brides with fair, alabaster skin as it looks natural and it gives a subtle flush on the face. Completing the look by applying a pigmented, wine-stained lip would give it a sophisticated twist! This bridal makeup combination is fresh and creates a rustic vibe, which is perfect for a garden wedding and also Korean wedding styles.

Tip #1: Champagne shade eyeshadows are a great alternative for a subtly sexy eye look!

Tip #2: Remember to prep your lips by doing regular lip exfoliation. This will make your wine coloured lip product less likely to cling on your built-up dead lip skin, giving you a perfect that wine-stained lip!

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Taupe Eyes, Bronzed Cheeks and Cotton Candy Lips

Known as the “hybrid” of all colours in the beauty world due to its dusky brownish grey colour, Taupe may not be the most exciting-sounding eyeshadow shade. But hear us out! Taupe eyeshadows are great in adding dimension to your eyes, and it matches perfectly with a bronzed cheekbones and lavishing cotton candy shade lips. Cotton candy shade lips bring contrast with your eyes and cheeks, complimenting your overall look. This trio is excellent in satisfying any brides who like a fresh, minimal yet sweet bridal makeup look. Who knew, this “ugly duckling” of the colours is surprisingly pretty and subtle enough to provide glamour to your wedding look! 

Tip: Keeping your bottom lashes bare after applying dark taupe eyeshadow near your lash line can make your eyes appear larger and brighter. For a more dramatic look, amplify it with eyeliner. 



Ivory Eyes, Coral Cheeks and Bright Pink Lips

Ivory is a great colour that ranges from a bluish-undertone-cream colour to brown colour, hence it looks great matching with other cool or neutral tones. Blending ivory eyeshadow on the lids and into the crease can create a versatile look. It’s one of the popular eye makeup that the majority of brides’ would usually go for. Keep the rest of your makeup clean and glowy by only using ivory colour on your lids, then blend cream coral blush onto the apples of your cheek and have a bright pink pout. The orangish coloured blush will make you look glowingly healthy and it will bring out your cheekbones in your wedding photos. This look is suitable for any outdoor wedding!

Tip: Add on soft, natural falsies if you feel like you need a little extra oomph on your overall look!

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Amethyst Eyes, Raspberry-Stained Cheeks and Glossy Lips

This trio is just so delicate and dreamy! Shimmery eyeshadows that are in cooler purple like lilac, amethyst, periwinkle or any lavender-hued shade matches best with berry-stained cheeks. Raspberry shade blushes can give you the flush that looks like you’ve been in the snow. It’s vibrant yet natural. Complete the look by applying light pink lippies, and top it off with a lustrous matching lip gloss for that glossy shine and pout. With such soft, light colours on your eyes and lips, it’s better to use a raspberry blush to even out your face and overall look. Brides would definitely love this makeup look as it is very subtle yet eye-catching. Suitable for a romantic wedding with pastel schemes!

Tip #1: Apply a good layer of lip primer before your lip gloss. Your lipgloss would have something to adhere to and it’ll help your lips to stay glossy all day! 

Tip #2: For a more vibrant, energetic eye look, opt for warm purple colours like plum colour. This eyelook is perfect for wedding dinners and after parties. 



Copper Eyes, Dewy Cheeks and Apricot Lips

Copper is the perfect colour that helps add an appropriate amount of warmth and definition to your eyes! Copper eyeshadows can be used to create natural eye looks and also a dramatic look. What’s more, it looks flattering with any eye colour. This eye look goes best with dewy bright cheeks and a coat of apricot lip gloss. This perfect trio is very subtle and lovely, simultaneously screams warm, beachy and beautiful. Terrific for a beach or summer wedding! 

Tip: Go for cream formulations for your face makeup and use damp sponges for the application. This helps your skin to look softer and dewier. Don’t forget to lock it in with a dewy setting spray for more radiance!

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Makeup is an art form, to find the perfect colour combination that can represent you and your personality, you’d first have to understand your skin undertone. Also, makeup styles vary and are dependent on factors like your wedding theme, colour schemes, dresses and so on. So make sure to discuss with your makeup artist. The perfect wedding makeup is not to make the bride unrecognizable, but to simply improve and enhance the brides’ natural beauty. After all, you’d want your hubby to recognize you at the altar, right? 

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