The Ultimate Love Survival Guide during the Pandemic (Married Couples Edition)

By: Angelynn Teh | April 08, 2020 | in Planning Tips, Relationship, Trending

Many of us are now in the third week of movement restriction due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and you might be looking for different ways to have fun at home, strengthen your bond with your significant other, and relieve a bit of anxiety that the pandemic might’ve given you. Below we have 6 ways you can make the most of your time at home with your significant other than just binge-watching Netflix! 


1. Pick Up New Skills Online

You may have heard that our “brain is like a muscle.” Researchers say that learning something new daily is the top way to keep our minds sharp, and it also makes us happier. In this digital age, it is no hassle for you to pick up new things as you can access a lot of things through the web. Discovering new skills, language, or craft is a great way to put your mind to work, also to kill time together with your spouse. Many different websites and apps are available for you and your spouse to access at home. Sites provided below are where you’ll be able to learn something new every day according to your interest.

Course offering sites: Coursera, Udemy, OpenLearn.

Learn new languages: Babbel, Busuu, Memrise.

New crafts or hobbies: Drawspace, Cooksmarts, Yousician.



2. Cook New Recipes

What’s better than stirring things up in the kitchen? No pun intended. Spice things up by making a new dish together. Whether you’re doing it from scratch or using a meal subscription service, trying out new recipes with your spouse can be special and fun. You both can enjoy the new dishes over candlelight afterwards. Keep in mind to not panic buy and overstock from grocery stores, but to get sufficient ingredients for your recipes. You can also opt for e-shopping and get online deliveries from your preferred grocery store on HappyFresh.

Alternatively, the newly skyrocketed-famous Dalgona Coffee recipe is worth a try! Trending #1 on TikTok, the Dalgona Coffee is easy to make and you only need three ingredients. People have been trying this ever since the Movement Control Order was enforced in Malaysia. Grab the newspaper or a book, cuddle up with your boo and enjoy this creamy beverage together!

Source: Tatler

Get your Dalgona recipes here!


3. Do Home Workouts

Create and follow a fitness routine and burn some calories together with your spouse at home! Working out with a partner boosts your motivation and overall performance, plus it keeps your fitness level high. Certain at-home couple workouts do not require any equipment other than your own bodyweight. There are a lot of YouTube channels you can follow for full at-home workouts. If you’re looking for something more intimate with your spouse, make it happen by finding your zen; practice yoga that is suitable for couples. #CoupleFitnessChallenge

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4. Share the House Chores

Everyone has different definitions of “clean," so negotiate with your spouse and discuss both your expectations. Some couples prefer completing chores together, which can be fun. But if you and your spouse decide to split the chores evenly, come up with a fair way to divide the chores.

Start by assigning chores based on which chore you each enjoy and most important to each of you, then evenly divide up the remaining tasks. Make it a team effort! Remember to relinquish a little bit of control and give each other a chance to learn some new skills in completing chores. Do not criticize or redo things just because you don't like how they were done. As long as it meets the expectations you've already established, leave it alone.



5. Game Marathons

Time to beat him at his Esports and show him your mean business! Digital games can be an extremely fun way to spend time together. If you're not up to par on your video game skills, you can have your significant other teach you. You and your spouse can also reconnect over some board/card games if you want to give your eyes and the TV a break. 

Nothing like good, old-fashioned fun! Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to talk and get some laughs together. Whether it is board games, card games, or even digital games, a little competition is always a fun, flirtatious way to pass the time that also brings you closer to your spouse. 



6. Stop the Blame Game

It’s always easier to see the faults in our partner than in ourselves. Keep in mind that every person is full of flaws and nobody is one hundred percent perfect including yourself. Instead of focusing all our attention on our partner's wrongdoings and flaws, remember to look at our own limitations too. The key to thriving in a relationship is knowing and challenging our own defences and focus in empowering ourselves. The COVID-19 pandemic is a time that calls upon greater love, strength and unity. Remember it’s not you against your partner, but you and your spouse against the hurricane.


The current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by The World Health Organization. As the situation remains fluid, we’ll be sharing more wedding-related tips and stories on our website and social media. 
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