Ultimate Guide For An Expert-Approved Pre-Wedding Hand & Nail Prep

By: Angelynn Teh | June 22, 2020 | in Beauty & Wellness, Trending

Rejoice! Malaysia’s hair salons, beauty salons and nail parlours have finally gotten green light to start operating since 10th June 2020, while being under strict standard operating procedures(SOPs). Do you know what this means? Yes, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your manicurist and take care of those talons! 

You might’ve pressed pause in your wedding plans, but it’s always a good idea to take your time and pamper yourself, do a little rehearsal before your big day. Wedding nail trials are as important as your hair and makeup trials. It’s an opportunity to test out what you think you want for your nails ahead of your big day. So grab the chance and try several wedding nails looks by discussing with your manicurist and testing multiple designs and colours! Regardless of whether you’re going for wedding nail trials, or DIY simple manicure for self care purposes, it’s relevant to have your fingernails and hands tenderly cared for and prepped so that your hands look their best before the big day. We promise the steps below (that come in tips!) are all you need to banish dry hands, flakey nails and chipped manicure!


TLC On The Hands

Better start immediately if you have never applied hand creams or use hand masks! We know one of the reasons people dislike putting on hand creams due to the uncomfortability that is caused by the greasiness. Fun fact, studies show that our hands age together with our face and necks. That means hands are the second most visible, tell-tale sign of one's age after the face and neck. 

Additionally, hands are one of the most used body parts that often leads to dry, chapped skin and cracked areas around your nails. Thus, hand creams are your best friends if you’d like to have soft, supple, brightened hands; to look more youthful and beautiful in your wedding films

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Brides are encouraged to opt for hand creams that contain ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter and plant oils. You might be intimidated by the words “butter” and “oil”, but hand creams these days come in new formulas that are non-greasing yet ultra-hydrating. We also advise brides to avoid hand creams that have acids and/or fragrances as they will further dry out your hands, giving you sore and patched hands. 

Tip #1: Keep easy-to-carry tubes of hand creams in your bag or pocket all the time, and apply it right after you’ve washed your hands every single time.

Tip #2: Do not rub in your hand creams while you’re applying! Instead, massage the cream liberally into your hands, as well as the areas around your nails.

Tip #3: Always wash your hands with cold or lukewarm water. Washing your hands with hot water dries up your skin and chips your nail polish. 


Sweet Scrubs

We are fairly certain that all brides were taught to upgrade their bridal beauty skin regime and were encouraged to exfoliate regularly to achieve soft, glowing skin. But are you forgetting something? Our hands need exfoliating too, just like our faces! The skin on the back of our hands is very thin and fragile. Get rid of dead skin cells, and loosen up that dry, dull skin on the back of your hand, your palms and cuticles by using a gentle hand scrub two to three times per week. You can even DIY hand scrubs using natural ingredients at home! They’re super easy to make and it would help you pass the hours of staying safe at home.

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Your Nail-Beds

Brides, taking care of your cuticles are necessary because healthy cuticles mean healthy nails! We’ve just mentioned the importance of using hand creams and keeping our hands moisturised, so do your cuticles! Using cuticle oils as a healthy additional step in taking care of your cuticles as cuticle oils penetrate deeper into your skin than hand creams. Cuticle oils that contain Vitamin E and Almond/Olive/Coconut/Jojoba oil help in preventing dry, brittle nails. What’s more, a little bit goes a long way! Squeeze one tiny drop of cuticle oil onto the base of your nails and massage it well, then let it work it’s magic!

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Slather On That SPF

It is no wonder that the application of SPF on our hands is not something that crosses everyone’s minds. Believe it or not, our hands get the most exposure all year round and are one of the biggest giveaways in terms of premature ageing (just like we mentioned in point number 1!). Our hands develop sun spots very easily next to wrinkles — not to mention scars on our hands don’t heal quickly as we get older. So, to avoid ugly patches and visibly dark veins through the skin layer, the best thing you can do is provide the same sun protection you give your face to your hands or use hand creams that contain SPF. You wouldn’t want to get skin damage; have those hyperpigmentation and spots to be visible in front of your guests and to be captured on camera, right? 


Trick to Long-Lasting Manicure 

We understand the fear and frustration every bride faces in maintaining their wedding nails in a tip-top condition. There is nothing worse than having chipped nails days before your wedding. One of the fastest ways in ruining your manicure is, unfortunately, handling or exposing your hands to household cleaning products or harsh cleaning products. Avoid products like acetone or toluene-based nail polish removers as well as these will instantly dehydrate the skin on your hands and have your nails chipped.

Tip: Maintain the quality of your hands and nails by wearing rubber gloves if you are not able to avoid household cleaning and chores.

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Set A Plan B

It’s your wedding day and as the bride, you would do whatever you can to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch. But as much as you want your big day to be perfect, life happens —  and there is nothing you can do to stop mother nature or what the universe has for you. 

Having a backup plan isn’t an omen. Brides need to be ever ready with a backup plan for beauty emergencies. You might accidentally break a nail while putting your wedding dress on, or a layer of your nail polish came off while you’re doing your first dance with your fiancé. Thus, we advise brides to pack and carry a tube of instant/nail glue and a bottle of nail polish. That way, brides would be able to paint their nails on the spot quickly if there is a chipped nail or have the snapped gel nails or extension last for a few hours by glueing it back on.

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Break The Habit

Wedding planning is not a cakewalk; there is a lot to think about, especially if your wedding was affected or happens to be in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Nail-chewing is a way to cope with nervousness or anxiousness. Though it might not cause permanent damages and is a way for brides to manage the pre-wedding stress, nail-biting doesn’t solve the problems and it has its downsides. Nail-biting damages the tissue around your nails and would make your nails grow abnormally. Not to mention, it’s also unhygienic and it increases your chances of falling sick. Nail experts advise brides that have the habit of nail-biting to get gel or acrylic manicure in bright colours, like red, or even the timeless white colour as a reminder to stop biting; allowing nails to grow naturally, healthily and strong.

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Lay Off The Hand Sanitisers

We know this sounds blasphemous, but lend us your ears! It’s no surprise that hand sanitizers have soared since the outbreak of COVID-19. Even months into the pandemic, hand sanitisers are hot commodities. Sadly, alcohol-based hand sanitisers cause harm to your fingernails and ruin those beautiful wedding manicures. The alcohol in hand sanitisers potentially dries out our hands, cracks our cuticles and makes our nails brittle and have our nail polishes to chip. Brittle nails don’t hold polish or shellac like a healthy nail bed does. But proper hand sanitation is vital for infection prevention, especially during times like these. Sally Hansen Nail ambassador, Tracylee Percival advises ladies and all brides-to-be to stick to gentle soaps for hand sanitising. Sulfate-free is preferred! After all, you wouldn’t want to risk your forever health in exchange for a well-groomed talon that only lasts in the buildup to your wedding.

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Though we are in a relaxed MCO (RMCO) now but it’s important to keep in mind that there are things that you can do while rescheduling or planning for your wedding. You’re not alone, and your happily ever after awaits! Last but not least, continue to practice social distancing, strict-hygiene like hand-washing and wearing masks, remain cautious and stay safe at all times!

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