What To Do If You're Postponing Your Wedding This MCO

By: Dennis De Vosse | June 04, 2020 | in Planning Tips, Trending

What To Do If You’re Postponing Your Wedding This MCO

“Sorry, your wedding is cancelled.” The five words every lovebird never wants to hear in their wedding planning; especially when the wedding dates are drawing near and you are almost done ticking off the last few tasks on your wedding checklist. The silver lining here is you’ve got more time than ever before to plan (or replan) your wedding - for the better.

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The coronavirus outbreak is shutting down all states across the country, impacting major milestones like weddings. As the government urges nations to avoid clubs, bars, theatres, and to practice social distancing at home. Couples have left no choice but to make the toughest decision on whether to postpone or cancel their planned weddings because of social distancing recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by the government. Some couples are opting to go for a small ceremony with live streaming capabilities that they can share with loved ones while some couples’ are postponing altogether; taking the importance of their guests’ health and safety.

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Youtube: Should You Cancel Your Wedding?

Wedding planner-youtuber, Jamie Wolfer, also the owner of JW Coordination from Murrieta, California uploaded a video on her Youtube channel, strongly advising couples whose weddings are within the eight weeks to consider postponing. “If you are outside of these eight weeks, I encourage you to wait,” Wolfer said. “It’s not the time to call all of your vendors and start working on postponing. Mostly because most of them are going to be busy with the couples within those eight weeks, and we have no idea what this landscape is going to look like in the next two months.” With couples cancelling, requesting refunds or halting their weddings and wedding planning due to the coronavirus outbreak, Wolfer says vendors are heavily impacted because weddings are usually the sole means of their income. Wolfer is careful with her words as she tells her viewers about the ongoing situation in the States. She also disclaims that the information she’s clear of is only among her state, and encourages her worldwide viewers to keep themselves updated from their local news and info. Wolfer then assures her viewers to breathe and lean into support systems and vendors who are there to help; providing step-by-step guides to her viewers about wedding cancellations and postponements.


Now what should you do if you’re postponing or cancelling your wedding? The first step is to remain calm. We thoroughly advise you, your significant other and your families to be grounded and open to this challenging experience. The next step is to empathetically discuss with your wedding vendors. Get their opinions and options for rescheduling to a new auspicious date, preferably end of this year or early next year. Honestly, asking for a refund from your wedding vendor isn’t great for a couple of reasons. You’ve paid the deposit or booking fee because you had faith in these people to help you create your dream wedding. Besides, times are extremely tough for wedding vendors as weddings will only be allowed, observably after 31st July 2020 due to the global pandemic and social distancing policies during MCO. Our best bet is to postpone your wedding, or sign a different package from the said vendor, if available.

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The current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by The World Health Organization. As the situation remains fluid, we’ll be sharing more tips and stories on our website and social media.