Registration Of Marriage (ROM) Now Allowed For All Non-Muslims Couples

We all have a choice in these trying times, and here's great news for our fellow Malaysian lovebirds! Registration of marriages for non-Muslim couples are now allowed amidst RMCO, with ceremony limited to up to 20 people.

Ultimate Guide For An Expert-Approved Pre-Wedding Hand & Nail Prep

Hands and nails in need of some serious TLC? Jump-start your wedding hand and nail care routine with this plan and tips to make both your hands and nails look lovely without too much of a hassle!

Live Bridal Promo | Noble Bridal House

Dream of a wedding gown that's gonna give you a lifetime worth of memories? Join us live with Noble Bridal House this Friday for a crazy customized wedding gown promo!

What To Do If You're Postponing Your Wedding This MCO

The last thing you want to hear right now is COVID-19, we understand how frustrating it has been for your wedding in 2020. Here's a guide on how you can navigate through this MCO.

Green Light For Interstate Travel Wedding Solemnisation & Pre-Wedding Outdoor Photoshoots

A great news for couples planning to tie the knot this 2020! Couples can now travel interstate for wedding purposes and pre-wedding photoshoots. Read on.

Live Bridal Promo | LYS Studio & Jessielyee

Want a pre-wedding photography and that speaks personality? Catch Yong Shao and Jessie live this Wednesday where we'll be giving away an exclusive bridal portrait package worth RM3,500!

大马首场 “E-Wedding” 你知道多少?


7 Ways To Look Slimmer In Your Wedding Dress

Say goodbye to all the crazy diets and exercises! Every brides’ dream is to look stunningly beautiful and slim in her wedding dress. Here we have easy, applicable hacks for all brides to look confident during their big day!

How To Host A Virtual Wedding | We Wedding

Have you heard of virtual weddings? Also known as e-weddings, let's explore how couples in Malaysia are celebrating their weddings online.

Non-Muslim Weddings To Be Resumed After July 31st

As Malaysians, we need to come together to overcome this pandemic, and your “I do”s might need to wait. The reopening of religious premises and updates of in-house wedding ceremonies are announced by the National Unity Ministry.

#StayHome Bridal Beauty Routine: 10 Steps To Have A Shine-Free Face

The important way to avoid makeup disasters on your wedding day is to have a good, prepped skin. Here we have 10 steps life-saving bridal skincare & tips you can do during MCO; to help prep for a shine-free face during your wedding!

Stunning Bridal Makeup Colour Combinations

Just like with painting, understanding the makeup colour wheel is essential. Here is a little colour inspiration for any bride and wedding, even for makeup geeks!

10 Timeless Red Carpet Makeup Looks To Steal For Your Wedding

Screenshot these and call in your glam squad! Satisfy your beauty sweet tooth with these red carpet beauty looks that is totally wearable for all brides.

Top 20 Wedding Videographers in Kuala Lumpur

Have your wedding memories taped in motion and crafted into moving visuals with these wedding videographers from Kuala Lumpur, helping you better plan for your big day!

Auspicious Wedding Dates For 2021

Want to get married in 2021? Download your FREE calendar for Auspicious Wedding Dates 2021 here.

Live Bridal Promo | Strange Studio

What about a pre-wedding photography that turns you into magazine-cover worthy? Join us live with Chloe from Strange Studio as we'll be giving away exciting prizes (hint: branded cosmetics)!

Build A Global Wedding Business in 6 Steps | Axioo

It’s disheartening to see how stressful the wedding industry is coping with the pandemic. Here we have steps to help you reboot and get back to building a global wedding business.

Top 20 Wedding Photographers in Kuala Lumpur

Delve into these KL wedding photographers’ compositions and fall in love with their styles! If you don’t have these bookmarked already, we encourage you to get on it.

Bridal Portrait Charity Campaign For COVID-19 Frontliners

If you’re still searching for a wedding or event photographer, then score gorgeous photoshoots here while giving a hand in supporting local frontliners that’s battling against Covid-19!

7 Wedding Tasks You Can Do At Home Now During MCO

Staying safe at home does not mean you can't check things off your wedding to-do list. Plan your wedding at home by getting onto these simple wedding tasks!

10 Things To Do Instead of Wedding Planning This Month

You deserve to sit this month out, sweetheart. Stay home and take some time off from all the wedding planning and replenish yourself with these things!

6 大爱情长跑的秘诀

世上没有完美的情侣,只有最适合的另一半。好好经营你们的感情才能走得更远。以下分享 6 个让你们爱情长跑的关键点,情侣们赶紧记下来了咯。


在一段感情中,无论两个人多相爱,他们都会因为一些芝麻绿豆的小事或生活习惯不同等,发生矛盾和争吵。在这篇文章,Bridalgram 将教你如何和对方迅速冷静和解决事情~

Are Hand Sanitizers Bad For Your Engagement Ring?

Rocking your sparkly new addition is like babysitting a newborn, and it might bring you questions. Here's all you need to know about engagement/wedding ring care!