Penang Wedding Venue

When it comes to selecting your wedding venue in one of the most beautiful cities in Malaysia (yes Penangites!), quite a few factors can actually dictate where and when you wed. Be it the location, the theme, style and capacity are going to be your biggest deciding factor. Apart from the budgeting of course. Considering Penang as your next wedding venue is a brilliant idea to kick start your new journey together as a couple.

Penang Wedding Package 2020

Why so? Penang has the best wedding packages available for you. Whether you want to have a beach wedding, traditional Indian wedding, modern chic one or even a garden themed wedding, Penang has all of that to offer. Not to mention Penang’s elegant garden wedding venue, Averie Hous, is really making couples jive! What if we mention also getting married in a glass-like fairy tale themed wedding above the sky? Yes, we’re talking about The Skye, Penang! 

Best Wedding Venue in Penang

Simply consider the locations you want to incorporate into your wedding photo album and parts of this culturally inspired city that means something to you as a couple. Do keep in mind that many of Penang’s best wedding venues are open to the public by day and landmarked hence you will need to plan ahead for a schedule to view the location. 

If you’re a fan of decor and makeover, many of the wedding venues in Penang offer you the space to design and craft your event decoration from scratch. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a hidden gem, a rustic, or romantic setting or even something outside the box, Penang is a city that doesn’t disappoint you. From locations fit for a groovy girl, a classy uptown bride, an industrial vibe, outdoor lush to all sort of affairs happening, Penang has it all for your wedding. Read on to find out some of the best wedding venues here in Penang carefully selected by Bridalgram.