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Penang, Malaysia
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From a very young age, every little boy and girl thinks about meeting their true love one day. Every time this thought crosses their minds, a smile finds its way onto their faces. Everybody wants to fall in love and everybody wants to be loved. Love between 2 people is such an intimate formula nobody truly understands. Except you… Here at AMO, we let you tell the story of your love. A heartwarming video of the both of you individually candidly describing the little things that made you realize that you belong together… Tell the world of your love journey. A journey so unique that it only has both your fingerprints. Put a smile on people’s faces. Be an encouragement that true love is real. And they will understand how special their parents love for each other is. Perhaps it may even remind you of how truly wonderful you are. Let your story leave a footprint in the pages of history. Let it leave a footprint in the hearts of your children. Falling, Loving, Remembering.
Ooi 5 months ago

This studio is very awesome.I like their photos and videos.Their services also very nice and creative!

PEY 5 months ago

服务非常好很专业,态度非常友善,非常喜欢这个团队的拍摄,很有心的拍每一个细节,SDE video 也非常喜欢,也很快的在短时间完成 。

佳乐 5 months ago

非常喜欢他们的风格以及他们的团队都非常专业,他们的态度也非常友善,谢谢他们帮我记录下了最自然最美的一面,拍出来的东西也是我们要的,我会非常推荐amo wedding ,感谢amo当天把我们所有moment都捕捉的很完美。

Synthia 5 months ago

Highly recommend AMO Wedding ! They really have a professional and good service. They can fulfill your requirement. If you got any idea you can discuss with them all idea is discus able. And the video received faster than I expected. Those who are interested, you can check them on Facebook to find more information. Thank you for your service AMO Wedding.

Jeff 5 months ago

A very dedicated, friendly and professional videographers for my wedding. They are very helpful during my wedding day and constantly guide us to create the best memory. The video that they produced are remarkable and beautiful, truly captured the wedding day moment. For any soon-to-wed, do really please consider AMO as they are truly professional but also come in a flexible price package.

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