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Penang is known as one of the most perfect places to have a wedding in Malaysia. Believe it or not, Penang’s wedding destinations charm couples away with breathtaking views, authentic cultural experiences and even excellent wedding services. So there’s really no better place for you to find your dream wedding dress than in Penang. The city is filled with a mix of high-end ateliers, classic bridal shops and up-and-coming customised designer wedding dresses to suit both the metropolitan and the more traditional future Mrs. 

Start in the right place and you will find your perfect wedding dress faster. It all begins here in Penang. Not only will you be able to find really top-notch quality range of dresses in these bridal houses in Penang, you will also experience really fine services here within your wedding budget. 

Penang Bridal Shop 2020

Thousands of brides visit these bridal houses in Penang each year for impeccable personalised service, expert fit and familial atmosphere, as showcased on what you see on television shows or even on online platforms. For years, some of these bridal houses have prided itself on pairing generations of brides with “the” dress - an exceptional experience that includes unparalleled gown choices, outstanding service and personal attention to every detail.  

Visit these bridal houses in Penang and you find a long red carpet running through the all-white salons, ready for you to embark on. Each bridal house has a premiere setting that spells out the taste and elegance of a bride-to be. Each bridal house listed and featured by Bridalgram is established in a homey and creative atmosphere filled with handcrafted details that emulate the latest wedding trends. Whilst doing so, it easily creates a magical experience for the bride to feel far less stressful and more like an afternoon of playing dress-up with good girlfriends. 

Bridal Studio Penang

We have selected the top-rated bridal shops in Penang that are not only professionally curated with talented bridal dress designers, but also cover all the bases when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress that’ll suit your style. There is always something for everyone here. Always wanted a beaded neckline, a two-piece style with a leotard topor even a corseted ball gown with pretty details? You’ll also get some of the best pre-wedding photographers in the industry working for you - so you look gorgeous even before your actual wedding day. These bridal houses in Penang have you covered.

Ready to kick your wedding dress shopping experience into high gear in any of these bridal houses in Penang? Explore these top bridal houses in Penang with us at Bridalgram!