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The island of Penang is most beautifully known for its savory good food, picturesque beaches and intriguing heritage. If you're planning a wedding in Penang, aside from the mentioned attributes, there's one more thing you should know - tradition. Observing relevant traditions for your wedding can be very rewarding. From picking the most auspicious dates, to wearing the color red, traditions are what makes weddings in Penang so beautiful.

But who should we consult for such wisdom in weddings? You might have seen them in movies or on TV, these ladies (or men) are your best companion to guide you and your significant other through the most auspicious wedding. After all, wedding is a once in a life time deal, why not invest a little faith and effort to make it even more beautiful?

If you're looking to consult or hire a wedding chaperone, we've prepared just the list for you. Also known as Dai Kam Jie in Cantonese, wedding chaperones are a staple in Chinese weddings. By observing the necessary traditions, you're in for blessed opportunities and good luck. These wedding chaperones that we've shortlisted are certain to guide you through all wedding planning and preparations.

Wedding Chaperone In Penang

The belief that what a wedding chaperone does is superstitious cannot be further from the truth. Passed down from generations, this tradition is rooted in blessing the couple a smooth, joyful and prosperous future together. Think of Dai Kam Jie as the grandmother of weddings. She possesses incredible knowledge about the rich Chinese traditions and thus able to advise you on the complete checklist and preparations required. A wedding chaperone's services usually include bethrotal ceremony, matrimonial bed setting, fetching the bride, tea ceremony, and the overall flow of an actual day wedding ceremony.

In this era, the Dai Kam Jie is no longer an only female-dominated role. Auspicious men can also play this role, and they're known as “Dai Kam Gong” or “Dai Kam Kor”. Similarly, they are just as amusing and professional as their sisters.

Wondering what packages do wedding chaperones offer in Penang? First, you should know that if you find a good one, book her date early. A good Dai Kam Jie's calendar is usually packed during the wedding season. As for all wedding services, the price of a wedding chaperone varies in terms of the services rendered, their experience and expertise, and certainly their popularity. Rates may vary from RM450 for an actual day morning session to RM1200 or more for a full day hire. Bottom line is the work of a wedding chaperone is significant and meaningful; besides, they're really amazing people!