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Wedding Door Gifts

While the wedding planning season is starting to jive up this time round, Bridalgram is now all about creating all kinds of wedding ideas and tips for you to follow! When it comes to wedding favours, most brides and grooms crack their heads on what to get for guests. Something simple, nice and memorable would be great. But it certainly does have to be practical and unique at the same time. As a bride and groom, you would want to give something to your guests which they would take it home instead of leaving it at the table.

Wedding Door Gift Penang 2020

As much as you want to give the best wedding door gifts to your guests, the question now is - what sort of gifts? Hotel wedding door gifts are certainly much easier if you’re opting for wedding packages, but these gifts may sometimes lack personality. Instead of having the typical range of fruit cakes to chocolate to cliche couple salt and pepper shakers as door gifts - you might prefer something exquisite and more unique for your guests to take home as a memory.

Wholesale Wedding Door Gifts

Well, don’t worry about it. We’d advise you to give gifts that guests can use and enjoy. It doesn’t have to be super pricey. Wedding door gifts can be bought wholesale from vendors around Malaysia as well. 

Malay Wedding Door Gift

Especially if you’re planning for a Malay wedding, there are tonnes of wholesale wedding gift stores that sells Malay wedding door gifts at a really cheap price. Be it customised soaps to snack jars. Well certainly the best kind of wedding favours is anything to do with food. What better way to mark a joyous occasion than through the tummy right? What a hit! Did you know that cookies make the perfect wedding door gift? It is a cute suggestion, yes. Practical too! 

Door Gift For Wedding Reception

Some customised wedding door gifts such as metal straws or cutleries with engravement can make really elegant favours. What about a natural handmade candle? Or a nurtured succulent that’s ready for a new owner? There’s just too many wedding door gift ideas for you to consider and try. So here we are at Bridalgram sharing with you some of the best wedding door gift ideas to help you with your nuptials.