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Wedding dresses are the centerpieces of your wedding day and there are thousands of choices and styles for you to choose from be it online or in any other dress store. When it comes to finding your dream wedding dress, you do know that there is no better place to head to than to find some hidden gems in these top wedding dress stores in Malaysia. Every wedding dress store has something for you whether you are looking for something comfortable, simple, custom made or intimate looking. 

That White Dress

One of the most exciting items on your wedding to-do list is to find “the” wedding dress. And believe it or not, this is the bride’s favourite part of wedding planning. Ever since you were a little girl, you have dreamed of this really long, satin train covered with a touch of romantic lace and a slim neckline fused with delicate embroidery. You know just exactly what you’re looking for but it’s proving surprisingly difficult to find “the white dress”. 

Wedding Dress Muslimah

All the more if you would like to make your wedding to look more cultural-based with a touch of modern sophistication, getting the perfect wedding dress can be quite a headache. For example, searching for a Muslimah wedding dress which has a balance between tradition and contemporary elements can be tricky if it isn’t custom made. Some brides do opt to purchase their wedding dresses online however, there is a risk there. 

As a bride, you may find yourself swimming in a sea of bridal stores and you just end up unsure about which ones to visit first. Well let us assure you to take small steps and look at these wedding dress stores that are daring to push the boundaries of creativity while sacrificing nothing in terms of technique or materials. 

Wedding Dress 2020

Sometimes life just turns out to be just the fairytale we’ve been dreaming about. Here at Bridalgram, we want you to find a wedding dress that’s as enchanting as the love you’ve found. While there are literally too many beautiful wedding dress stores to list, we thought we’d start with the top wedding dress stores that consistently ranked among the best by Bridalgram.