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From ukulele players to mariachi live bands, here's a collection you need to know about choosing live entertainment for this portion of the party at your wedding. Between all the mingling, catching up with loved ones, the delicious food and vibes, a wedding live band is one of the most fun parts of the night. Some couples prefer to keep it simple while some prefer to get the party started right away with live band entertainment. Anyway or anyhow, here are some ideas for you to consider when choosing your live band in Penang! 

Penang Live Jazz Band

It’s essential to get the right music during your wedding ceremony, whether that means having more classical strings or pop songs. Usually, couples would opt for live jazz bands to help create the vibe that they want. The live jazz bands would propose some popular songs to get your guests humming to the tune. While some couples opt for more classical repertoire. Whatever it is, each live jazz band would surely cater to your needs and wants. Some Penang live jazz bands will also be able to help you personalise the number of pieces and instruments you’d prefer on your special day. 


While anything goes well for a secular wedding, those holding a more religious ceremony should consult with the live jazz bands, opt for more choices as well as speak to the band’s director to ensure appropriate and approved selections. So here you go. We have compiled a list of outstanding live jazz bands in Penang for you to choose from! 

Penang Chinese Live Band

Using musicians for the entire wedding day can be expensive, especially if you have two different sessions in a day altogether. Most couples find it difficult to find a good Chinese live band that sings and plays Chinese songs to entertain guests during dinner session. Sometimes, friends and families of your parents and in-laws may not be familiar with contemporary English songs, so they couldn’t jive into the beat as much. Which is why, having a Chinese live band will certainly be a thoughtful move not only to your parents but also to your loved ones as well. 


Always be sure that these Chinese live bands are credible and their portfolios are proven. Get a selection of romantic oldies and modern upbeat Chinese songs for your wedding. Penang Chinese live bands are mostly accompanied by three pieces: a keyboard and two guitars or a keyboard, a guitar and synthesizer. Whatever it is, be sure to check out this list of Penang Chinese live bands around and feel free to request for whatever you want and need.